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12In Lx850 Acf F 8 Visualizza ingrandito

12In Lx850 Acf F 8




"Optical Acf 12" "F / 8 On Equatorial Mount With Lx850 Technology Starlock"

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"Optical ACF 12" "F / 8 on equatorial mount with LX850 technology Starlock !!! # New optical aplanatic ACF F / 8Meade introduces new optical Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) F / 8 dedicated specifically all'astrofotografia deepsky in high resolution! All new OTA ACF F / 8 are characterized by the focal ratio lower F / 8 to the field plane with the possibility of adding an optional focal reducer F / 5 3 "" on three elements correctly until full format -frame. # New system fuocheggiaturaI new OTA ACF F / 8 are also characterized by a system of sliding fuocheggiatura the primary rail type Crayford whole new no-shift mirror and mirror-flops, with reduction micrometer 7: 1. # New German equatorial mount with LX850 technology StarLockCostruita entirely of steel and aluminum 6061-T6 used for aeronautical applications because of its characteristics of lightness and strength, the new LX850 is the new flagship of the production Meade.Il AutoStar II computer, with over 144,000 objects in memory, and technology STARLOCK, able to give an unprecedented precision tracking, make the new platform for the astroimager esigente.Per more information on the mount LX850 please read the detail page dedicated .

Technical specifications and features
ItemLX850 ACF 12 " "(305 mm)
codeMD-0,126,800Lens < / td>Advanced Coma FreeOpen Free305 mmdiameter mirror Secondary / Obstruction (%) / Obstruction (% area)125 mm / 41.1% / 16.86%focal length, focal ratio2440 mm, F / 8Resolving power (arcsec)00:38 "" < tr>Treatment optical surfacesUHTCLock primary mirrorNo need to thank and new type Crayford scroll Primary to zero clearance reduction micrometer 7: 1Magnitude limit Pictures (estimated)May 18Eyepieces come standardMeade Series HD-60 25 mmDiagonalPrism diagonal of 31.8 mm < / td>Standard eye31.8 mm (1.25 "") or 50.8mm (2 "") using a switch from 50.8mm (2 "")Finder8x50 mmButtons AutostarAutostar IINumber of objects in memory145,000 objectsControl Panel12V input DC, 12V DC output, output focuser, exit lighting grid, Autostar output, RS232 port Starlock, autoguiding portPower12V DC, 5AFrameEquatorial German LX850 with STARLOCKMaximumAbout 41 KgCounterweights2 x 26 lbTripod < td> In aluminum, high strengthWeight OTATBDWeight wedge25 kgWeight tripod16 kgheight tripodvarying from 737 mm to 1143 mm "

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