Consegna e assicurazione

Spedizione, modalità di consegna e assicurazione

Carriers and delivery times

Products available for prompt delivery from Skypoint SRL are generally shipped within 1/2 days of payment acceptance via: express courier Bartolini BRT, shipment on pallets (EuroPallet 120x80) via OneExpress service or Expeditors depending on the nature of the products. Shipments handled by One Express and Expeditors involve pallet services or special shipments (e.g., Scopedome domes)..

Products that are not available at the time of the order must be requested from the relevant suppliers, so the waiting time required to process the order varies depending on the availability of the goods at those suppliers, as well as the place of origin (such as USA, China, and Japan).

In the case of orders with payment by bank transfer, the shipment will take place after verification of the credit. In these cases, the order processing takes about 2 days longer due to the time required by the banking systems to execute the bank transfer arrangement.

Bartolini's express courier service is able to deliver in 24/48 hours from the departure of the shipment for Central-Northern Italy. For South and Islands typically an extra day is needed, except for hard-to-reach areas such as the smaller islands. For foreign countries, times are variable depending on the country.

Bartolini also offers the option of tracking one's shipment with a tracking number sent via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user when registering for the site.

Pallet shipping services such as OneExpress have variable delivery times depending on the remoteness of the destination. For Central-Northern Italy delivery is generally in 48/72 hours, and for South and Islands in 72/96 hours. For overseas, times are variable depending on the country.

Special shipments handled by Expeditors or other logistics services have varying lead times depending on the nature, origin of the goods and place of delivery. Please contact us directly to get an idea of the delivery time.

Shipping on pallet

Skypoint recommends choosing pallet shipping for more delicate or bulky instruments. In fact, handling on pallets through specialized couriers, such as OneExpess, allows us to better safeguard the integrity of the products. In any case, for more delicate or high-value shipments we recommend adding insurance on the shipment so as to be covered in case of damage or accidents occurring during transport. In fact, we remind you that Skypoint's liability on the goods ceases the moment the carrier (transporter) picks up the goods from our store (Free Port / Ex Works shipment).

Shipping costs

Shipping charges are automatically calculated during the checkout process and take into account the volume and weight of the goods purchased. For some products, the calculated shipping charges are approximate only (e.g., Scopedome domes) and we recommend contacting us to request an exact shipping quote based on the delivery location.

Shipping costs include handling charges, careful packing, and postage. Handling charges are fixed, while shipping charges vary depending on the size and total weight of the shipment. We recommend grouping your chosen items in one order.

Delivery address

A correct, complete, and well-attended delivery address must always be provided for shipment in order to avoid failed delivery attempts by the carrier. The costs of storage of goods at the warehouse of the area carrier resulting from non-delivery will be borne by the customer, as well as the costs of return shipment resulting from the conclusion of the period of giancenza caused by non-delivery.

Skypoint has no responsibility for missed deliveries caused by incorrect or incomplete addresses given when ordering on the site.

Cash on delivery payment

In case you choose cash on delivery of the goods, please note that the carrier will only accept cash payments no later than € 1999.99.

Shipment insurance

Shipping insurance is provided at an additional cost that varies depending on the value of the goods. The insurance option is available in the shopping cart summary and can be selected after consulting the automatically calculated amount. The insurance service covers damage that purchased goods may incur during transportation at the expense of the carrier. More details in the General Conditions of Sale.

Skypoint is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged goods if they are not insured.

Why insurance is important

The following is what is stipulated in Paragraph 2 of Article 1696 of the Civil Code as amended by Article 10 of Legislative Decree No. 286 of 21.11.2005: "the compensation payable by the carrier may not exceed one euro for each kilogram of gross weight of the goods lost or damaged."

The text in quotes means that the courier intervenes, for example, with only 4 euros as compensation for the loss of a package weighing 4 kg but containing goods worth 2,500 euros.

I received a damaged package

If you have received a parcel that is visibly damaged or tampered with, it is essential to dispute receipt of the goods by indicating to the courier the reason for the dispute (signing with specific reservation of control). We then recommend that you take one or more photographs of the damaged package, which you can then send to us by e-mail, and then check the integrity of the contents. More details in the General Conditions of Sale.

It is possible that the package is undamaged but the goods inside are instead damaged. In this case, it is hidden damage and therefore it is important to try to prove the received goods as soon as possible.

You must report to Skypoint in advance by phone and then in writing by e-mail or by sending us a registered letter. The period within which to report damaged goods is 7 days from the date of receipt.

If the shipment was insured, the insurance company will issue a full refund for the item only if this deadline is met, so we recommend checking the product and its proper functionality as soon as possible.

Right of withdrawal

The terms and timing for the right of withdrawal are legislatively established. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.