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Lunt LS18CAKMDD2 Calcium-K module in B1800D2 diagonal




Lunt LS18CAKMDD2 Calcium-K module in 90-degree B1800D2 diagonal for telescopes up to 100 mm aperture, 1620 mm focal lenght and with 2" / 50.8 mm focuser.

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LUNT LS18CaKMDd2 Ca-K filter in 90° star diagonal

Calcium-K module in star diagonal, for using normal astronomical telescopes up to 100mm aperture and up to 1620mm focal length as Ca-K solar telescopes.

This Calcium-K module transforms your normal astronomical refractor telescope into a Ca-K solar telescope. It will be very easy: Put the Ca-K module into the 2" focuser of your telescope, and you are ready for solar observing in the light of the Calcium-K wavelength.

Internal narrowband filters allow for a <2.4 Angstrom bandwidth. For refractor telescopes up to 100mm aperture and up to 1620mm focal length. For imaging it will be better to use a bigger Ca-K module.
The Ca-K module is in a 90° star diagonal, for 2" focuser on the telescope side, and with T2 thread and 1.25" eyepiece connection on the eyepiece side.

All needed filter parts are integrated inside the compact module. There are no additional filters needed.

The Ca-K wavelength is at the edge of the visible light spectrum for human eyes, so for many people visual observing is difficult. However, all details could be captured photographically. Therefore the Ca-K Module is optimized primarily for imaging.

Technical data:
• Bandwidth <2.4 Angstrom
• Usable at telescopes up to 100mm aperture and 1620mm focal
• 90° star-diagonal housing
• 2" slide tube for 2" focuser
• Connection for 1.25" eyepieces
• T2 thread for camera connection

Delivered by order:
• Ca-K module in 90° star diagonal for 2" focuser
• Integrated blocking filter B1800 for telescopes up to 1620mm focal length
• Instruction manual

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