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Filter Football Line K 2 Angstrom Quantum Digital

Daystar Filters



"The Daystar Produces Two Types Of Filters To Football: Football H (3969 & # 506

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"In the chromosphere of the Sun and stars cold areas surrounding areas with strong magnetic fields (sunspots and star spots) show an issue at the center of the spectral bands of the Football II H and K. filters to show the Football NETWORK chromospheric (Chrospheric Network) emissions of ionized calcium that are formed when a cell supergranulation (Supergranulation Cell) moves through the magnetic fields where beef.
allow to study The following formations solar: PLAGE O chromospheric faculae, SUNSPOTS, GRANULATION, REGIONS ACTIVE etc. filters Quantum Soccer K of Daystar are also perfect for scientific studies on the mapping of the three-dimensional structure of the chromosphere. With the ability to control the movement of the band toward the blue or red with an accuracy of 0.1A, you can distinguish the differences between the lines K3, K2 and K1 football. The observation of these complicated structures allows you to analyze the various levels of the solar atmosphere.

filters at Soccer K can only be used on refractors the focal length of use varies from f / 15 to f / 20 (possibly with appropriate diaframmatura). To prevent overheating of optics are not recommended viewing openings greater than 80 mm, with an opening of 80mm these filters provide a resolution of less than a second of arc.


    < li> no obstruction
  • adjusting the passband width with thermoregulation dell'etalon
  • Each unit is thermally regulated in the factory to ensure the exact start-bandwidth filter
  • circuit 12V plug at 220V through the appropriate transformer provided that connecting it to a battery. The cable for the cigarette lighter and one with crocodiles for the connection to the battery are optional
  • the digital thermostat with LCD display 5 positions for reading the passband and lights allow a real-time monitoring of system status : the green LED corresponds to the band filter with operations in the standard the yellow LED corresponding to warming up so we have to wait until the end of the process the red LED indicates error, the temperature is too high or too low a supply
  • Two colored buttons placed on the thermostat allow change the bandwidth in increments of 1/10 & # 506 up to a maximum displacement of ± 1.0 & # 506 to perform Doppler studies. The red button increases the wavelength (and the temperature) and the blue reduces it. The button lock can be activated or deactivated by pressing them simultaneously while connecting the power cord to the thermostat
  • the microprocessor provides a very accurate temperature control
  • interface with RS232 interface allows remote control of the Filter which is especially convenient when shooting or during events Educational activities in which often the images are projected onto a screen in cameras adjacent to the instrumentation. With the remote control, the operator can move the bandwidth filter to emphasize some details without leaving your camera!
  • clear aperture: 30mm. Thanks to blocking filter of 30mm is not well You worry vignetting even with eyepieces from 50.8mm and can shoot with any system from the Reflex, the webcam, the CCD, the screening of Eyepiece telextender
  • temperature of use: electronic -40 / + 85 ° C, LCD display -10 / + 60 ° C, transformer 0 / + 40 ° C with non-condensing humidity between 20% and 80%
  • all the electronics is RoHS compatible, filters comply with the latest European directives concerning environmental pollution "

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