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Spectroscope A Star Filter Analyzer




The Star Analyser 100 is a high efficiency 100 lines/mm transmission diffraction grating, blazed in the first order. It is mounted in a standard 1.25 inch diameter threaded cell, to be compatible with most telescopes. It has been designed to make the production of low resolution spectrum images of a wide range of point like astronomical objects as easy as possible. It complements a wide range of types of camera used in astro-imaging.

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The Star Analyzer is composed of a diffraction grating of 100 lines / mm.

A diffraction grating produces different spectra of the same object at different angles (first order, second order, and so on), with dispersion increasingly high but decreasing intensity: the supeficie sawtooth instead of the Star Analyzer allows you to place the first order around the luminous flux of the object taken, that otherwise would be lost in the higher orders. Login This allows not only to have a spectrum more bright and then he can go even faint objects as small planetary nebulae but also allows you to place on the same field of view is taken that the object beside its spectrum of first order: a remarkable facility for the calibration of the spectrum.
The reticle is mounted within a cell from 31.8mm to be screwed on or adapters photographic eye as a common color filter.

Main activities from the Star Analyzer:

  • detect and identify the absorption lines of the brightest stars and then classify a star
  • resume spectra of objects with isolated absorption lines (eg planetary nebulae)
  • measure the redshift of the quasar light (example 3C 273)
  • take spectra of supernovae and carry out its classification
  • to resume the emission spectrum of the sun during eclipses, highlighting the component in the chromosphere Elio

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