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Spectroscope Spectrograph Scientific Lhires III




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"The LhiRes III is a spectroscope / spectrograph scientific suitable, thanks to its extreme versatility, both for observation and photography for research, in education or vocational . The secret of its simplicity and versatility lies in the scheme used (in Littrow Autocollimation double pass) that allows you to decrease the size and number of components used.

Note that provides a spectrograph resolution of 0.1 Angstroms per pixel (pixel by 9 microns) then 10 times higher of the resolution offered by the best of spectroscopes Sbig.
LHIRES III therefore it offers potential results and much more professional. < p> With commercial telescopes (openings from about 25cm) you can get high resolution spectra of stars to the 9th magnitude.
Comes with grating 2400 lines (with telescope 8 "" f / 10, with pixel ccd 9 micron produces a resolution of 0.012nm 0.1Angstrom or in pixels) and the latter is easily replaceable (various models from 150ll / mm to 1200 ll / mm) to fit the resolution to the object type: planetary nebulae, comets, sun, etc.
The system can be connected to any type of refractor telescope is it, Mewlon, SCT or another and accepts as a CCD camera systems is that SLR cameras.

The walls of the slot are constituted by optical planes of precision and allow one side to position with accuracy the object of interest and the other to use the sides of the slit as optical driving off-axis.

E ' also installed a system for off-axis: the slit, mounted on a support, is polished so that the steel sides thereof become a mirror of re-sending of the light thus allowing an off-axis (for example during spectroscopy faint objects). Spectroscopy standard allows so to drive directly in the field of recovery, taking the object being analyzed by the gap that remains visible in the center of the field itself.

The result is a tool of the highest quality, without compromise, designed to spectroscopy visual or photographic of many celestial objects thanks to the interchangeable gratings and slits.

Main applications:

  • spectroscopy of the Sun
  • spectrum heliography (resumption of the Sun in various wavelengths with the technique of scanning)
  • spectroscopy or Novae Stars and classification (until May 9 to 10 According to the diameter telescope)
  • spectroscopy nebulae
  • spectroscopy of comets
  • spectroscopic binary stars
  • doppler effect as rotation of Jupiter or Saturn, the radial velocity of the stars

    Diffraction gratings and slits available:

    • 2400 ll / mm: supplied as standard, useful for work in high resolution
    • 1200ll / mm: accessory, valid for spectroscopy of faint objects or novae whose spectrum is too wide to be taken up entirely with a sensor type and lattice kaf400 2400 ll / mm
    • 600 ll / mm: accessory, is an interim solution to resume deep-sky objects with reasonable resolution
    • 300 ll / mm: accessory, ideal for stellar classification using a common digital SLR camera. Great for teaching
    • 150 ll / mm: accessory, ideal for visual use of comets
    • cracks: available on request with a pitch wider or narrower depending on use

      Features: < / b>

      • scheme Littrow
      • Report fractionation reported to the wavelength of 6562.8 nm: 17000
      • dispersion per pixel: 0.012nm equal to 0.1A (with pixels 9μm)
      • Optimized tools for f / 10
      • Slit-walled optical off-axis
      • lamp internal calibration available as an accessory
      • Weight around 1700g
      • Dimensions 250 x 200 x 85 mm "

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