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Set Bresser di vetrini con preparati umani per microscopio Visualizza ingrandito

Bresser prepared glass slides for microscope - Histology




Bresser prepared glass slides for biological microscope. 30 Prepared slides based on the theme "Histology".

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BRESSER Prepared Slides: Histology

30 prepared slides based on the theme "Histology".

1 Loose Connective Tissue, W.M.
2 Hyaline Cartilage, Sec.
3 Elastic Cartilage, Sec.
4 Spinal Cord, C.S.
5 Clavicle, S.S.
6 Dense Bone, Sec.
7 Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation W.M.
8 Skeletal Muscle, L.S.C.S.
9 Tendon Rabbit, Sec.
10 Squamous Epithelium Smear From Human Mouth
11 Simple Flat Epithelikum W.M.
12 Stratified Flat Epithelium, Sec.
13 Ciliated Epithelium, Sec.
14 Human Skin Sec, Through Hair Follicle
15 Human Skin Sec, Through Sewat Follicle
16 Lung, Sec.
17 Lung With Blood Vessels Lnjectde, Sec.
18 Kidney.With Blood. Vessels Injected.Rat.Sec
19 Artery & Vein, C.S.
20 Human Blood, Smear.
21 Lymph Node,Sec.
22 Thyroid Gland
23 Wall of Stomach, Sec.
24 Small Lntesine, C.S.
25 Liver, Sec.
26 Cardiac Muscle Sec
27 Testis Sec.
28 Ovary, Sec.
29 Kidney L.S


30 prepared slides

Wooden box

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