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Vixen Polar Alignment Scope PF-L II 5x20




Vixen polar finder scope 5x20 PF-L II for Advanced Polaris star tracker and other Vixen mounts.

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Vixen polar finder scope 5x20 PF-L II for Advanced Polaris star tracker and other Vixen mounts.

It is used to align the equatorial mount of your AP system to the north celestial pole or south celestial pole accurately in order to make it turn parallel to earth’s rotational axes.

Product No.35532


  • Polar aligning is easy as you just bring Polaris and two other stars into the polar scope’s field of view so that each of them can be matched with the designated position of the scale on the polar scope’s reticle. No hour angle setting is required.
  • The push switch on the brightness adjusting dial of the polar alignment scope will illuminate the reticle in red light if it is pushed. The brightness can be carried in 8 steps by turning the brightness adjusting dial. The red light becomes dimmer gradually after a certain interval of illumination (about one or two minutes) and turns off automatically.
  • A free app called PF-L Assist for smart-phones and tablets is available for making good use of the polar alignment scope. It will assist in displaying the current night sky which can be seen in your location through the polar alignment scope PF-L.


Polar scope

5x20mm, 10 degrees field of view


Scales for pointing 3 stars, precession corrections until 2040
Northern hemisphere: Polaris, Delta UMI, 51 Cep
Southern hemisphere: Sigma Oct, Tau Oct, Chi Oct

Reticle illumination

Self-light-off dark field illuminator, brightness adjustable in 8 steps



Setting accuracy

3 arc minutes or less


47 x 55 x 115 mm


155 g


AP equatorial mount system, Sphinx, AXJ, AXD2

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