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Offerta! Cannocchiale polare illuminato Vixen PF-L per astroinseguitore Polarie Visualizza ingrandito

Vixen polar scope PF-L for Polarie star tracker




Vixen polar scope PF-L for Vixen Polarie star tracker features three stars alignement, red illuminated built-in scale and auto power-off type dark-field illuminator.

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  • Magnification: 6x
  • Aperture: 20mm
  • Real field of view: 8 deg.
  • Type: Three stars alignment, with precessional compensation (until year 2040); Northern hemisphere: Polaris, δUMi, 51Cep Southern hemisphere: σOct,τOct, χOct
  • Illumination: Auto power-off type dark-field illuminator is integrated (adjustable in 8 steps)
  • Power: CR2032 Battery x 1 piece. 1 piece is included for monitor purpose
  • Installing accuracy: within approx. 3 arc min.
  • Applicable mount: POLARIE Star Tracker
  • Size: Dia. 60mm x 142(L)mm
  • Weight: 220g

The Vixen POLARIE Star Tracker is designed to take photography while tracking stars. In this case, rotating
axis which is called "Polar Axis" must be in alignment with the axis of the earth's rotation.
The POLARIE Polar Scope PF-L permits precise alignment with the polar axis simply by inserting into
the POLARIE Star Tracker.


In the northern hemisphere, polar axis is aligned by placing specified three stars in the specified positions.
No need to set hour angle.
The built-in scale is illuminated in red, so that the sacle is clearly visible in dark night sky background.
The brightness of the dimmable illumination can be adjusted in 8 steps.
When pressing the illumination button, scale is illuminated for one to two minutes.
Power will automatically turn off after a lapse of illuminating time to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

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