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Vixen R200SS newtonian reflector with Corrector PH 0.95X

Bundle Vixen Newton R200SS + Corrector PH 0.95X.

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Pack description

Bundle Vixen Newton R200SS + Corrector PH 0.95X.

Pack content

The Vixen R200SS newtonian reflector telescope is an high quality reflector with a primary mirror of 200 mm diameter and 800 mm focal length, F/4 focal ratio. The high quality optics and construction from Vixen allows this instruments to be a perfect visual and photographic telescope, perfect for low brightness deep-sky objects such as nebulae, galaxies, open clusters and comets.

The Vixen R200SS newtonian reflector is the reference instruments for astroimaging of the deep-ksy objects with DSLR and CCD cameras up to full-frame format (24x46 mm).

There are a lot of good reasons why you should buy a Vixen R200SS:

  • Highest quality optics, superior precision than most of the other competitors;La precisione di lavorazione delle ottiche è superiore a quella di altri newton concorrenti;
  • The low focal ratio F/4 allows fast imaging with high signal-to-noise ratio;
  • Seconday mirror and low-profile focuser sized for a bigger, unvignetted and illuminated field of view;
  • Secondary mirror support with thick spider vanes in order to avoid flexures during long exposures;
  • Thank to the use of lighweight material, Vixen was able to make amazingly low-weight yet hogh-quality OTA that even a small mount could carry without problems.

For the best imaging performance, Vixen developed an optional corrector with Wynne optical design able to fully correct largest sensor up to full-frame format (24x46 mm)

The example images show what is the R200SS is capable of: you can see some pictures taken with this instruments and a Canon 350D DSLR with the discontinued V3 Coma Corrector (images courtesy M. Zorzenon).

Optical design
Newtonian reflector
Diameter200 mm
Focal length
800 mm
Focal ratio
Limiting magnitude
Resolving power
Diamater of the OTA
Length of the OTA
700 mm
Focuser diameter
60mm (M60 thread)
Wight5.3 kg OTA only
Scope of delivery
  • Low-profile rack and pinion focuser with M60 thread and T2 adapter + 1.25" eyepiece holder (please note that if you want to use 2" accessories you will need the proper M60->2" adapter).
  • 7x50 illiminated finder (FOV 7°) with bracket.
  • Vixen/GP slide bar and 232 mm rings.

Data sheet

Leasing12 installments at zero interest

Corrector PH

The Vixen Corrector PH is an unprecedented corrector lens system which is designed to excellently eliminate aberration from parabolic mirror surface.

Star images can be distorted at the edge of field of view by coma aberration when photo is taken by reflector (Newtonian) tube alone. This Corrector PH delivers surprisingly sharp pinpoint image of stars to the edge of field of view.

This product is applicable not only for photography, but also for visual observation.

Features of the Corrector PH

  • The adopted Wynne 3-group 3-element optical design extraordinary corrects coma-aberration from parabolic mirror surface, and eliminates spherical aberration. This realizes extremely uniform sharp pinpoint image of stars not only in the center but also to the edge of field of view.
  • This delivers very sharp images over the entire field of view with a large image circle (Dia. 44mm) which covers full-frame format.
  • The provided Vixen’s AS-coating (Maximum transmission rate at 99.9% per surface) on all lens surfaces and excellent matte inner surface finish minimizes light loss and generation of ghost and flare.
  • High quality control is assured by production in Japan and 100% inspection for elimination of the lens eccentricity.

Product Descriptions

Focal LengthR200SS Newtonian Reflector, 800mm(f/4)→760mm(f/3.8)
Lens StructureWynne design, 3-group 3-element
Image Circle44mm (Format 36x24mm, covering full-frame CCD format)
ScrewM56, P=0.75mm
Filter Size52mm filter is attachable
Applicable Optical TubeR200SS Newtonian Reflector
Visual ObservationPossible (Eyepiece 31.7mm, in common use with eyepiece adapter)
SizeDia. 56mm x L: 78mm
Net Weight175g