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The Refractor Np127Is Sets A New Standard For Optical And Mechanical Quality For The Scrupulous Observer And The Astro Demanding. The Telescope Preserves The Specific Optical Pattern With One Nagler-Petzval 4-Element Which Is Improved For What Concerns The Correction Of The Coma, Astigmatism, Field Curvature, Secondary Spectrum, The Spherical Aberration And The Sferocromatismo!

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The CCD cameras are a challenge for any optics: why the Tele Vue has developed the series Imaging System (" "SIS" "ť) of telescopes and related accessories. The new versions "" SIS "" ť models NP127, NP101, TV102 and TV60 maintain the legendary Furnishings and optical telescopes Tele Vue enhanced with new features to make photography easier and versatile.
The goal it is to make the series NP optically, mechanically and functionally perfect so you can take pictures with a diagonal 50mm chip without any waiver.

The refractor NP127is sets a new standard for The quality optical and mechanical for the scrupulous observer and the astro demanding.
The telescope keeps the optical specifications with a scheme Nagler-Petzval 4-element which is improved in what concerns the correction of coma, astigmatism, field curvature, secondary spectrum, spherical aberration and sferocromatismo!
This new 4-element air-spaced doublets ED has two: one in front and one back for the correction of chromatic aberration and curvature of field. In addition to high performance in the field of view, both on solar system objects that deep sky, has been optimized to take the pictures, especially with CCD chips having large sizes up to 50mm diagonal.
For ' use visual, the focus is long enough to provide 264 magnification with a Nagler 2.5mm to observe the Moon, planets and double stars it is also possible to get a great field of 3.6 ° to 21 magnification using the 31mm Nagler to observe objects in wide field.
The larger size of the lenses minimize vignetting in sizes up to 50mm diagonal. For these large chip has been designed an optional field corrector so that the edges of the field should be virtually perfect as the center of it.
In order to make the most of the capacities of larger lenses, it has been developed new focuser anti-vignetting that allows the entire cone of light reaching the camera system. The diameter of the front tube of the focuser is 3 "" ť, while the rear is 2.4 "" ť. The new focuser also allows you to quickly switch from visual observations and photographic and rotate the camera 360 degrees without any change of focus. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the ortogonalitŕ the sensor with respect to the optical axis and select a "" STALLATION stop "" ť to use the digital micrometer for repeatable measurements of the fire with a precision of 0.0001 "" ť.
To maintain ortogonalitŕ optical axis while changing the orientation of the camera, the focuser is equipped with 4 locking screws acting on a clamping ring. It 'also a thread to install accessories large diameter Series Imaging System as extension tubes, optical accessories, the fittings and CCD cameras.
Focusmate factor reduction 6.1 comes standard and allows fire regulations very accurate, measurable with the Digital Micrometer option with an accuracy greater than 1/10000 "" ť.
Thanks to the motor Focusmate optional it is possible to electronically control the movement of focus this engine has buttons for choosing the direction and velocitŕ adjustable.


  • OPTICAL SCHEME: Apochromatic Refractor Nagler-Petzval 4 elements < / li>
  • DIAMETER: 127mm
  • FOCAL: f / 5.2
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 660mm
  • RESOLUTION: 0.91 arcseconds
  • WEIGHT: 6.3kg
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: hard case, Focusmate, focuser diam. 50.8mm, adapter for accessories series "" is "", retractable hood
  • WARRANTY: 5 years


    • A: Focuser 2.4 "" with Focusmate installed and adapters for use visual and photographic
    • OPTIONS:
      • B: Digital indicator of the focus position (LMK-2404) < li> C: Diagonal EverBrite 50.8mm for use with Bino Vue (DSF-8002)
      • D: motor Focusmate (FDR-2001)
      • E: corrector field for chips large (LCL-1069)
      • F: Extension tube 00:25 "" (TLA-0250)
      • G: adapter for SBIG STL11000 (STL-1071) < li> H: Ring T standard (TRG-1072)
      • : T Ring for Canon wide (CWT-1070)
      • J, K, L: extension tubes of 0375 "" 0.5 "" and 1 ""
      • M: Reduced 0.8x (NPR-1073) "

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