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H-Filter Alfa Solar Double Stack 60 mm




Sunscreen Solarscope H-Alpha Double Stack 60mm.

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" These filters are UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, being composed of two Fabry-Perot etalon in series when used combined offer a bandwidth of

All the major advantages of Solarscope TWIN:

  • Absence of obstruction, of all openings 50, 60 and 70mm This results in a greater increase in contrast and definition than H-alpha filters clogged.
  • Can be installed on any telescope it is a refractor, an SCT, a Maksutov, etc. (except newton)
  • A 0.5angstrom contrast and detail visible on the solar disk are impressive: you will see the gas cling around the magnetic field lines and any other features of the chromosphere with a truly exceptional performance. A 0.7 angstrom instead will get a beautiful and bright vision of solar prominences and yet the details of the chromosphere on the disc (with lower contrast mode 0.5 A).
  • DOUBLE tilting mechanism. In fact, each etalon is provided with a mechanism for tilting (displacement of the bandwidth) for the precise tuning band of the two etalon in order to obtain a contrast amazing and for doppler studies on the protuberances. The tilting in Solarscope acts internally, so the filter is always perpendicular to the optical axis, thus avoiding ghost images.
  • The blocking filter comes standard with all Solarscope TWIN has an aperture of 20 mm < / b> This means you can work with focal too long and does not have unrestricted observation or photography. Also in Solarscope TWIN, the filter is mounted within a support by 50.8mm (on request also by 31.8mm), to use without limitations accessories from 50.8mm or 31.8mm (via the reducer supplied as standard) < / b>. It follows that with Solarscope you can observe without bias or use its diagonals, turrets, binEyepiece, photo adapters from 50.8mm or any other accessory without limitation in diameter.
  • Two etalon Fabry-Perot with bandwidth
  • Thermally stable: all the H-alpha filters have a very high thermal stability () so as to allow observations continued throughout the day without displacements of bandwidth. The Solarscope has succeeded in designing an H-alpha filter where you get a perfect thermal stability and centering of constant bandwidth, WITHOUT the aid of an obstruction centrale.Come say that Solarscope represent, in our view, an evolution from H-alpha filters to precendenti! All this was confirmed by the various tests conducted by magazines that have confirmed the perfect thermal stability, in any situation and during a full day under the sun.
  • All optical surfaces are worked better than 1/100 lambda and are treated with anti-reflective dielectric process high efficiency all internal metal surfaces are dulled 100% dielectric process to avoid ghosting.
  • Construction flawless made entirely of aluminum alloy machined or milled from solid with tight tolerances. Black anodized finish and satin. Closing screws in steel with final nylon to avoid scratching the eyepieces or other accessories.
  • Safe: the special filters eliminate totally the ultraviolet, infrared, and much of the blinding brightness of the sun. And 'making it ideal for any use is professional and popular. The solar brightness is automatically adjusted to a value not tiring for the eyes.
  • The entire production is centered on quality: a Zygo interferometer is used to monitor the optical quality throughout the production process the "" test-camera "" was built on a foundation separate than the production area in order to test the tools in total absence of vibrations.
  • All filters are individually tested instrumentally and also directly on the Sun before to be delivered to the customer in order to guarantee the best optical performance.

    The production and photographs obtained with Solarscope Twin 50mm to 0.5A and 0.7A !! "

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