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H-Filter Alfa Quantum Digital Pe 0.8 Angstrom

Daystar Filters



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"The observer is particularly interested in the study of bumps generally prefer a wider bandwidth (0.7-0.8 & # 506 ) those who want to dedicate to the elusive details of the solar surface in need of better contrast and filters with band through very narrow (0.3-0.6 & # 506 ). We must also remember that the bandwidth should be selected in accordance with the diameter of the pre-filter rejection ERF (ask your service representative Skypoint for more tips).
    < li> 0.8-0.7 & # 506 : mainly dedicated to the observation of the solar prominences 0.8 & # 506 : This bandwidth is an ideal and economical choice for those interested only to solar prominences being very bright even for the weakest bumps. The details of the chromosphere on the solar disk but they are lacking contrast and you will see only the most obvious characteristics. 0.7 & # 506 : this band adds contrast to the details on the solar disc than the band from 0.8 & # 506 . The projections will also be visible but the chromosphere on the solar disk will assume greater contrast, leaving observe fine detail and delicate as the magnetic field lines and the filaments.
  • 0.6 & # 506 : this band is perhaps the choice between. Allows you to easily see solar prominences and offers excellent contrast on the solar disk.
  • 0.5 & # 506 : offers a contrast enhancement on the solar disk than the 0.6 & # 506

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