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USB_Focus Standard Set for Vixen, Skywatcher, Orion focusers

This kit includes USB_Focus Standard Set for focusers (code UF-USB_FOCUS_SS) and Vixen / Skywatcher / Orion / William Optics mounting set (UF-SW_ADAPTER).

305,00 €

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316,00 €

Pack description

This kit includes USB_Focus Standard Set for focusers (code UF-USB_FOCUS_SS) and Vixen / Skywatcher / Orion / William Optics mounting set (UF-SW_ADAPTER).

Pack content

This USB Focus Standard Set for focusers includes: controller and temperature probe, 8v stepper motor and power supply, USB cable. This "Standard set" complies with loads (ccd, filter wheel,..) up to 1.5Kg, with focusers up to 3". USB Focus provides optional specific mechanical parts (motor bracket, flexible coupler) to fits many focusers.

USB Focus is a robotic focusing system for astronomers. Motorize your focuser and control it from your computer, or by hand with or without computer. It connects to your computer USB port (or USB Hub 2.0 or 1.1), and does not require any other power supply even for the stepper motor. It connects to an external digital temperature probe, 0.1°C accuracy and can automatically follow best focus for the all night (temperature variations), see documentation for initial configuration. It comes with a handpad for manual electronic focusing and with an ASCOM driver for computer assisted focusing, see documentation for compliant softwares. It pilots a custom motor and reducer providing high accuracy (8000 positions per turn) and high torque (more than 85 oz.inch). It is backlash compensated. Several adapters are available to adapt to your specific focuser (flexible couplers, motor brackets,..).

USB Focus adapter set for Vixen, Skywatcher, Orion, Kepler and William Optics.

This set is compatible with Skywatcher 200/1000, Skywatcher 80ED, Orion T200/800, Kepler 200/800 Pro, William Optics GT-102 and many other models. It includes dedicated motor bracket and screws, flexible coupler and hex key.