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PARACORR TYPE-2 Visualizza ingrandito

Televue Paracorr Type-2




Developed In 2010 And Designed Specifically For The New Newton And Dobsonian Ultra Fast F / F-3/4, The New Model Of Televue Paracorr Corrects Coma Perfectly Intrinsic Into The Optics Newton.

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Developed in 2010 and designed specifically for the new newton and Dobsonian ultra fast F / F-3/4, the new model of TeleVue ParaCorr corrects coma perfectly intrinsic into the optics newton. < p> Coma is a optical aberration that makes it look like the stars elongate comets were blurred and this aberration is much more present and more annoying as fast is the focal ratio of the primary mirror dish.

Previous attempts to correct the coma were limited in parables to F / 4.5 or so. The new model of TeleVue Paracorr is instead a universal corrector (photographic and visual) optimized parables to F / 3 and can eliminate any residual comatic aberration and without introducing spherical aberration or chromatic aberration. Like the other versions of the ParaCorr, this model also slightly lengthen the focal length by a factor of 1,15 thereby leading, for example, one newton by F / 3 in F / 3.45.

For use visual is offered as standard on Tunable Top accessory that allows you to adjust the distance between the eye and the lens system used for correcting the coma and that constitute the heart of ParaCorr. See integrated board for details.

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