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Tower Binocular Bind Vue Complete




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"The design of this tower binEyepiece has as goal, to get as close as possible to the human eye as contrast, resolution and field. The night observed with only one eye loses it! Open both eyes and you'll find a dramatic increase of risoluzone, contrast, viewing comfort and you will see many more faint stars !! All this plus the illusion of depth of field.
Sure, your brain loves binEyepiece vision so open your eyes and think of a turret Bino Vue.

Why choose a tower Tele Vue Bino Vue?
When you consider the binEyepiece observation the main problem is to maintain the quality of the images. This is assured, for the Bino Vue, from a multitude of valuable features:

  • prisms with 27mm opening that allow you to use the entire range of 31.8mm eye as a Panoptic 24mm.
  • High-quality multi-layer coating on all surfaces optical and dielectric treatment to ensure maximum light transmission without introducing false color
  • port-adjustable eyepieces with closing rings for a mounting of the eyepieces in complete safety, no variation of the collimation even at high magnifications during the correzioe diopter
  • possibility collimating prisms unlike other towers of lower quality in which the prisms are glued and therefore can not be ricollimati (basically if the tower is scollima you can throw it in the trash!)
  • reduced weight of the prisms
  • checker draw 2x compensate for the introduction of chromatic aberration, spherical and of astigmatism of the prisms. Allow the achievement of the fire with all telescopes as it is designed to compensate for the 13cm of length of the turret. The system duplicates the magnification and is threaded to accept filters diam. 31.8mm.
  • it will have an adapter plate that provides enough space to fit a filter without hitting the mirror of the diagonal when the turret is used with a diagonal diameter. 50.8mm.
  • interpupillary distance adjustment without changing the fire
  • collimation and image quality of each tower are tested. A perfect collimation is indeed necessary when viewing at high magnifications.
  • SCT telescopes have enough extraction of fire to use the turret without compensator, for this adapter is provided by 31.8mm which is mounted in place of the corrector draw.

    Using the turret with the compensator 2x, you can mount it on getting a 2x Barlow 5x or 3x Barlow getting a 7.2x magnification. A more compact and higher quality is to use the Powermate 2 "" 4x with adapter T-ring dedicated directly on the body of the turret in place of the compensator, in this way you get a magnification factor of 4.3x. < p>


    Focal length: 600mm 540mm 880mm < TD> 880mm

    < TD>

    Field Stop maximum 13.5mm 13.5 13.5 13.5
    Magnification with Plossl 32mm 37.5x 33.8x 55x 55x
    Magnification with Panoptic 24mm 50x 45x 73.3x 73.3x
    WITH OFFSET PRISM 1x < / td>

    Field Stop maximum unusable unusable unusable 27mm
    Magnification with Plossl 32mm unused unused unused 27.5 x
    Magnification with Panoptic 24mm unused unused unused < /td>36.7x
    Field with the maximum real tower 1.3 ° 1.4 ° < /td>0.9°1.8°
    Can be used with 60 ° diagonal Yes , call No No Yes
    Can be used with prism rectifier 45 ° No No No No

    < b> NOTE TO THE USE OF CORRECTION: | 1) Both the corrector 1x to 2x correct aberrations of the prisms and make it all the more necessary because the faster the lens.
    2) The correction does not compensate for the 1x 13cm length of the turret as it does the 2x: turret with corettore draw 2x can be mounted on a focuser no change in the fire.
    3) The corrector 1x is:

      < li> essential when using fast lenses (f / 4-f / 6)
    • with useful optical moderate (f / 8-f / 10)
    • does not need optics with long focal length (f / 12-f / 15) "

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