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Vixen AXJ equatorial mount with Starbook TEN controller




Vixen AXJ equatorial mount with Starbook TEN controller. Payload up to 22 Kg, max periodic error up to ±4 arcseconds guaranteed with V-PEC preinstalled in fabric, belt-drive system that eliminates backlash and noise, PF-L hgh precision polar finder with Android and iOS dedicated app. Completely manufactured in Japan with best materials and high precision machining.

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Vixen AXJ equatorial mount with Starbook TEN controller

The new Vixen AXJ equatorial mount is an high level mount built with the best material possible (low-weight aluminium alloy) equipped with thye exceptional Starbook TEN controller. Mechanics is sturdy and refined, with a clever design devoted to ergonomics and maximum performances.

The brass worm wheel gears have a generous size (AR: 114.5 mm / 225 tooth, DEC: 98 mm / 192 tooth). Total absence of any undesidered plays, fluid movements and easy balancing is granted by the use of 14 bearings distributed among the two axes. The main axis have 40 mm of diameter and are fabricated in carbon steel. Worm axes are made of brass and have a diameter of 15.5 mm.

Each axis is moved by a high precision micro-stepper motor with 300 pulse per second. Those motors grant an hogh torque and silent movement, thanks also to the high number of bearing used. Maximum GOTO speed is set to 800x (3,34°/sec).

In this new mount concept Vixen decided to add a belt-drive system capable to minimize backlash and granting a very reactive response during autoguiding corrections, so critical in astrophotography. The belt-drive system ensure also a silent operation.

Each AXJ mount carries an integrated PF-L 6x20 illuminated polar scope with alignment pattern updated to 2040. The new pattern is very similar to the Losmandy one, with 3 reference stars, and to help Vixen designed the PF-L Assist app available for Android and iOS systems.

Mount head is flat and with a scratch resistent anodization. There are 8 x M8 holes and 4 x 5/16" holes so that you can add your preferred mount plates.

The Vixen AXJ mount is equipped with the terrific Starbook TEN controller. The Starbook TEN is Vixen's newest hand held computer controller for Vixen mounts. The High Definition Color LCD Screen displays astonishingly clear visible information on its 5" screen. Phased star charts and many useful functions can be intuitively operated by all level of astronomers. The CPU processing speed of the Starbook TEN is 5 times as fast as the former Starbook and it allows you to enjoy clear and smooth star chart navigation.

The Starbook TEN screen can be displayed with monochromatic red light in order to maximize the accommodation of your eyes to darkness. The operating keys can also be lit in red.

Hibernate Mode: After selecting to continue the current setup at the initial screen, you can break and restart your automatic slewing and tracking of the mount by just flipping the power switch, if the mount is still in place, without loosening the R.A. and DEC clamp levers.

Different Tracking Rates: The motion of the moon, the sun and planets and comets are different tracking rates than the stars. The Starbook TEN move the mount in different rates, automatically, dependent upon the target object.

Artificial Satellite Watching: The Starbook TEN has a menu to find and track artificial satellites by entering the orbital elements of the satellites. the ISS and named satellites are pre-registered.

General features
Monolithic equatorial head made of alluminium alloy, with integrated electrinics and motors; motors are placed in DEC section so that it is possible to balance mount with the least amount of counterweight possible.
17.4 Kg, counterweights excluded
Dimensions420 x 466 x 138 mm
Payload22 Kg (max torque of 550 Kg/cm at 25 cm from axis intersection)
Tracking accuracy
±4 arcseconds
Latutude adjustement
Regolazione azimuth±5°
Worm wheel gear RA
114,5 mm - 225 tooth (material: brass)
Worm wheel gear DEC98 mm - 192 tooth (material: brass)
Polar finder
Vixen 6x20 PF-L polar finder, field 8°, illuminated with alignment pattern up to 2040.
Counterweight bar
25 mm diameter, stainless steel, tratractable.
MotorsMicro-step high torque, 300 pps
Power12V DC, absorption from 0,45 Ampermin (payload of 12 Kg) up to 2,2 Ampere max (payload of 22 Kg).
Optional tripod
  • Vixen AXD-TR102 tripod (cod. VX-36916) - requres adapter VX-36953.
  • AXD-P85 Pier (cod. VX-36917) - requres adapter VX-36953.
  • SXG-HAL130 tripod (VX-25161) - non adapter needed
  • Berlebach UNI18 or Planet con SPHINX attachment (highly reccomended)
    LeasingUp to 24 installments at zero interest

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