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1.1 To take advantage of all of the features provided by the website you must create an account. Creating an account is permitted only to those who have completed 18 years of age. The creation of an account is a free procedure which can be accessed by clicking the "Enter" at the top right of the home page (figure 1.1). Through the section "Authentication", you can register your account by entering your email address in the box labeled "Create an account" and then clicking on the "Create an account" button (Figure 1.2).

Figura 1.1
Figure 1.1
Figura 1.2
Figure 1.2

1.2 In the following screenshot you see the form where you have to put your personal data (name, surname, E-mail, password, date of birth). On the bottom there is a section entitled "Customer data privacy" that you need to read and approve in order to complete the account creation. The approval of these conditions is done by checking the checkbox you see in Figure 1.3.

Figura 1.3
Figure 1.3

1.3 A recording successful is confirmed in the displayed page and then by e-mail sent to the address provided by the customer. The e-mail contains the automatically generated summary of the data access account you just created. The inclusion of one or more delivery addresses to be associated with the account allows the customer to speed up the delivery of future orders. The customer can view and manage their delivery addresses within the "My address" (Figure 1.4).

1.4 The credentials of recording must be used exclusively by the customer and can not be sold to third parties. The customer must immediately notify Skypoint on suspicion improper use of these. The credentials can be modified by the customer at any time by accessing your personal area "My Account" and clicking the "My Information" (Figure 1.4).

Figura 1.4
Figure 1.4

1.5 The Customer warrants that the personal information provided during the account creation process is complete and correct. You agree to keep Skypoint harmless from any claim and / or sanction howsoever arising from incorrect use of their data and / or premises and / or the procedure of registration. The Customer is exclusively responsible for the access to the site by his credentials and responds directly to any damage caused to Skypoint Srl or third parties, resulting from improper use, from the loss, misappropriation by others or by the lack of adequate confidentiality of its login credentials. All transactions made through the account are considered to be made by the customer to whom the account relates.

1.6 Registering on our site you agree to receive e-mail notifications about the status of your account, orders and / or commercial proposals. At any time, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the communication business, the Customer may request not to receive further.

1.7 In the personal section "My Account", the customer can view order history, manage and store personal information and subscription to the newsletter (Figure 1.4).

1.8 Skypoint srl reserves the right to refuse, their sole discretion, the inclusion of some customers. Skypoint also reserves the right not to accept orders from any person, if there are an anomaly compared to the amount of products purchased or the frequency of purchases made on the site.

1.9 The Customer may at any time cancel your membership to the site by sending an email to



2.1 The presentation of products on the web site is an invitation to the Customer Site to formulate, against Skypoint, a direct offer. These calls have to offer not binding on Skypoint and, in particular, are not offered to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code, it being, in the full discretion of Skypoint, any decision on acceptance of the proposals may be formulated.

Before forwarding the progress of any order the customer is invited to read carefully the present GSC.


2.2.1 o purchase one or more products via the Internet, a not registered customer can choose to:

  • Register in advance on the website via the "Authentication" (Figure 1.2) is available from the link "Login" located top right on the home page (figure 1.1);
  • Plug in your shopping cart the chosen products and register at a later time via the "Authentication" that will meet in the second step of the formulation of the Order (figure 2.1) which can be accessed by clicking on "Payment" or "Shopping" (figure 2.2));
  • Buy without logging thanks to the function "Quick Checkout" available in the "Authentication" that will meet in the second step of the formulation of the Order (figure 2.3) which can be accessed by clicking on "Payment" or "Basket" (Figure 2.2).

In any case, the customer must provide to Skypoint, in compliance with applicable provisions regarding the protection of personal data, all the data necessary to enable it to execute the Skypoint Orders made.

Figura 2.1
Figure 2.1
Figura 2.2
Figure 2.2
Figura 2.3
Figure 2.3

2.2.2 After registering and / or be logged by the "Authentication" is available from the link "Login" located top right on the home page (figure 1.1), the customer can select one or more products to be purchased from the online catalog by clicking Skypoint on the button "Add to cart" (figure 2.4 and 2.5) that appears in different display modes of a product (list of more products, the preview window, the page dedicated to the study of individual product).

Figura 2.4
Figure 2.4
Figura 2.5
Figure 2.5

2.2.3 The indication of the property is recorded in a list of goods that the customer intends to order ("Basket"); the customer can change quantities or delete products before forwarding the Order.

2.2.4 In the first section of the formulation phase of the Order called "Summary of the cart" (to which is accessed by clicking the "Payment" and with the "Basket"), the customer approves the list of goods chosen by clicking the "Continue "located at the bottom right of the page. Alternatively, the amount of each item can be changed with the "+", "-" keyboard or by typing the desired number in the column to the amount named "s" (Figure 2.6). Every single item can be removed from the summary table with a button bearing the icon of a stylized basket in the row you want to delete. If the customer wants to add items not included in the summary report can do so by continuing to visit the catalog of the site by clicking on "Continue shopping" located in the lower left.

Figura 2.6
Figure 2.6

2.2.5 After providing the information required (section "03. Address"), the customer chooses the mode of delivery of the goods (the "Shipping 04"). In the same section, the customer has to say to accept without reservation all the conditions of sale by ticking the appropriate box with a click on the left side of the statement to be signed. Without subscribing to this statement, the site will not allow the customer to reach the fifth and final section of the stage of formulation of the Order called "05. Payment ". After accepting the terms of sale it will be possible to pay with the "Continue" button at the bottom right.

2.2.6 During the formulation of the Order and until its effective forwarding, the customer will have the opportunity to review the data entered by clicking on the numbered buttons placed at the top and bearing the names of the sections to which they refer ("01. Summary" and "03 . Address "), in order to detect and correct any wrong information.

2.2.7 In the section devoted to the choice of payment method, the customer can again see the summary table of the Order, which is to forward. If he wanted to change the contents of the table, you can do it back to the synthesis section of the cart by clicking the "01. Summary ". Subsequently, the customer determines the way in which he intends to pay for the goods listed in the above table by clicking the corresponding button. Choosing the method of payment by bank transfer or cash, will display information concerning the payment method and a button on the "I confirm my order" that the customer will use to complete and send the order to Skypoint. In the event that the method of payment with respect to an electronic transaction (eg via PayPal® or bank) you will be redirected to the specific web page of the intermediary where you can finalize the purchase by entering the data required to complete the transaction . Without the positive conclusion of this step (and, consequently, the execution of the transaction), the Order is not completed. By clicking the button for one of the methods of payment, the customer agrees to pay the amount indicated in the cart then accepting the payment obligation.

2.2.8 Each order forwarded should be considered, in effect, as proposed contract by the customer. After the order forwarding by the Customer will follow an automatic e-mail confirmation by Skypoint about the receipt of the Order itself. This automatic email does not constitute acceptance of the Order by Skypoint.

2.2.9 Later, Skypoint will view the Order received by the customer through an electronic platform with which will update the order status. The customer can consult at any time the progress of your order through the section called "Order History", which is accessed by clicking on "My orders" placed inside the box containing the list of sections of the private customer . That box of color "mustard", is placed in the right hand column of pages of the Website and is only visible to registered customers who are logged in (Figure 2.7). For Customers who have made an Order without registering on the site, you can access the monitoring of the Order via the link "Guest Tracking" included in the email automatically sent by the Order Summary Site to the e-mail address specified by the customer when ordering. Subsequently, the customer will have to enter the required data in the "Tracking guest" and click the "Send" button: you will see the web page summary and monitoring of the Order made by the Customer is not registered to the site.

Figura 2.7
Figura 2.7

2.2.10 The contract to purchase the asset between customer and Skypoint is perfected when the order is accepted by Skypoint, which declares updating the status of the Customer in one of the following: "Payment accepted", "Remote Payment accepted "," Authorization accepted by PayPal "," Preparation underway "," Shipped ". These items vary depending on the mode of payment and / or delivery chosen by the customer, who can access them as explained in the preceding paragraph. Skypoint has the right to accept or decline any orders received without that, in case of rejection, the customer can lay claim or claims against Skypoint in any way, except for any amount already paid by the customer previously. If payment has already been executed, Skypoint will refund the amount paid by the customer, including contributions to the costs of order processing and shipping, immediately, and in any case within thirty days from the day after sending the Order. The amount of the refund will be communicated via e-mail, and credited on the same means of payment used to purchase or by bank transfer.

Skypoint accepts no responsibility for any delays in crediting, which depend on the type of bank or credit card used for payment.

2.2.11 In the event that a product is not available for immediate delivery the customer has the possibility to order it by paying the amount, choosing from the methods indicated above. Subsequently the customer receives from Skypoint a notice by e-mail containing an estimate of the time required for delivery. This prediction time includes the time required to Skypoint to find the good and the time required to have it delivered to the customer. The estimated processing time of the product communicated to the customer is not binding against Skypoint.

Given the communication received, the customer has the right to confirm the Order of the product (thus accepting all the terms of delivery) or to reject it.

In case of refusal Skypoint makes repayment of any sum paid by the user, including contributions to the costs of evasion of the Order and shipping immediately, and in any case within a period of thirty days from the day following the 'sending the Order. The amount of the refund will be communicated via e-mail, and credited on the same means of payment used to purchase or by bank transfer. Skypoint accepts no responsibility for any delays in crediting, which depend on the bank or type of credit card used for payment.

Alternatively, the customer can choose to use the amount already paid for the purchase of other property / ies of equal value, VAT and shipping included.

Alternatively, the customer may decide to use the amount already paid to buy a product of higher value, any adjustments to what still had to be related to an increased price of the item itself or to that of any ancillary services (shipping costs, insurance etc ... ) will be agreed directly with Skypoint srl via phone or email.

In the case of changes to the Order placed by the Customer through the Website and agreed by phone or email, the customer will be sent an order confirmation date. The customer must return by mail the Order Confirmation duly signed after having provided to control the data entered in the card and having proceeded to read the GTC attached to the order confirmation. The transit of the Order Confirmation duly signed by the Customer will constitute acceptance of CGV and with it the customer agrees to pay the amount indicated therefore accepting the payment obligation.

When the customer accepts and confirms the order, perfecting the purchase contract, is aware that the product / s that he ordered is not available at the warehouse of the Skypoint Srl and that the product / the object of 'order will be ordered specially for the customer and thus excluded from the scope of the Right of Withdrawal (chapter 8 of the Terms of sale ).

2.2.12 In the event of unavailability of products ordered in stock occurred after sending the Order by the Customer, Skypoint srl will communicate to the email address specified by the customer at registration. In this case the customer will be entitled:
1 - Check the waiting time of the ordered products and then confirm the purchase. In this case, the rules of section 2.2.11.
2 - Solve the contract by giving notice to the Company within the next 48 hours. Skypoint will refund the amount paid by the customer, including contributions to the costs of evasion of the Order and shipping immediately, and in any case within a period of thirty days from the day after the Order. The amount of the refund will be communicated via e-mail, and credited on the same means of payment used to purchase or by bank transfer. Skypoint accepts no responsibility for any delays in crediting, which depend on the bank or type of credit card used for payment.

2.2.13 Skypoint perform the contract by delivering the goods to the carrier.

2.2.14 For each order completed on Site Skypoint will invoice for the goods shipped. Skypoint normally creates a "Delivery Note (or "Nota di Consegna"), if you want an invoice you should esplicitly ask for it in the proper text from field during purchase phase. The invoice or the delivery note will be placed in one of the boxes of the shipment and will contain information provided by the customer during the checkout process. No change in the invoice will be possible after the issuance thereof.



The Customer may terminate the order by giving simple communication by e-mail at, provided it has not yet been sent.

If the Order refers to products ordered specifically for the customer as not available in stock ready for delivery at the time of the Order or products that have been customized at the request of the Customer, the acceptance of the Order will be canceled in total discretion of Skypoint srl.


If a cancellation should occur after the shipment of the goods the customer may use, after receipt of the goods, the right of withdrawal in the manner specified in Chapter 8 of the Terms of sale . The Customer undertakes to accept the goods in any case once it has been sent to the address indicated during the order. Subsequently, the customer will be refunded the amount paid, excluding shipping charges and insurance for the shipment is for the return.

Even if the customer refuses delivery of the goods to prevent the subsequent refund, it will still have to repay to Skypoint postage and insurance already incurred, as well as charges of marking this may already have been incurred, as well as shipping costs and insurance for the return of the goods by the courier.


2.4.1 The gift voucher is a voucher that allows its Beneficiary to pay for purchases, in a lump sum, until the credit or planned integration of a higher amount of spending. Your use of the Gift Certificate is reserved for the Beneficiary expressly specified by the customer who buys it.

2.4.2 Gift Voucher can be used for purchases at the store or on the Site Skypoint Campoformido . Are valid for 12 months from the date of emissione.The gift voucher is a voucher That Allows its Beneficiary to pay for purchases, in a lump sum, until the credit or planned integration of a higher amount of spending. Your use of the Gift Certificate is reserved for the Beneficiary Expressly specified by the customer who buys it.

2.4.3 Gift Voucher can not be divided and so if used partially not eligible for any refund money to the Client or the Beneficiary, resulting in the loss of the remaining balance.

2.4.4 No refunds will be due by Skypoint to customer and / or beneficiary for a Gift Certificate expired and unused.

2.4.5 You can not buy Gift Voucher paying with others Gift Voucher.

2.4.6 Skypoint is not responsible for any loss, theft or unauthorized use and / or fraudulent use of the Gift Voucher.

2.4.7 According to the provisions of the Decree Law 185/1999, art. 5 paragraph 3, the right of withdrawal will not apply to the purchase of the Gift Certificate. The only beneficiary of the Gift Certificate will be able to exercise their right of withdrawal in relation to their purchase of goods in accordance with normal procedures indicated on the Site.

2.4.8 The customer who purchases the Skypoint Gift Certificate authorizes the processing of their personal data and the data of the Beneficiary .

2.4.9 If the gift voucher is used to purchase products available on the site ready for delivery or in-store, the value of the Gift Certificate will be deducted from the amount of the goods purchased and the Beneficiary may elect to pay any amount of the balance due by choosing between mode provided by Skypoint.

2.4.10 If the gift voucher is used to buy products not available immediate delivery it will be used to cover even part of the required for the Order of the products chosen. If the gift voucher is not sufficient to cover the amount of the advance it may be required to pay an amount to supplement the amount due. If the beneficiary cancels the order made, only the amount paid to integration of the required will be returned, while the amount of the gift voucher will be made available again for future purchases until the end of the good itself.

If the termination of the Order the gift voucher proves expired will not be issued any refund towards the Beneficiary or the customer who purchased the gift voucher


2.5.1 Discount Coupons are good not purchased by customers who Skypoint issues in different contexts promotional.

2.5.2 Discount Coupons may have a time-sensitive and varies depending on the promotion, which is specified in the time of issue of the Good itself. The value of a discount coupon can be expressed as a percentage or currency at the discretion of Skypoint, which will make it known at the time of issue. The validity of a good can be affected by the achievement of a minimum level of spending that Skypoint will announce the time of issue.

2.5.3 Discount Coupons can not be divided under any circumstances. Also can not be combined with other discount coupons or neither with Gift Voucher, unless prior and explicit indication announced by Skypoint.

2.5.4 Discount Coupons can not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances, even for less than the total.

2.5.5 The discount coupons are valid for single / the product / s, class / and product / s, line / and product / s and shipping costs depending on the context and promotional indications that Skypoint provides the time of issue. For a discount coupon valid for free shipping, any costs of rights of mark due to the carrier are not included and therefore will be charged to the Customer Order. In addition, discount coupons do not cover any costs payable by the payment method chosen by the customer to pay the remaining balance due.

2.5.6 The discount coupons are meant individual and non-transferable, unless stated otherwise made known in advance by Skypoint.

2.5.7 The discount coupons can be used on the site of Skypoint and / or at the point of sale at the discretion of Skypoint.

2.5.8 And 'possible to enter a discount coupon in your cart when ordering on the site in the space called "vouchers." To confirm the entry of the code, you must click on "OK" (Figure 2.6). Subsequently, the contents of the basket will be updated automatically taking into account the value and validity of the discount coupon inserted. Skypoint reserves the right to cancel and / or revise a discount coupon if it is accepted by the site beyond its normal period of validity or the amount calculated by the system automatically abnormally Site.

2.5.9 Skypoint reserves the right to verify all aspects of the validity of a discount coupon up to the moment before the transaction between the parties. Therefore Discount Coupons do not constitute in any way an obligation to Skypoint towards clients. They should be considered instead as invitations to customers to buy at better conditions within certain limits and rules, which must be fulfilled at the time of purchase. Skypoint not responsible in any way for vouchers no longer valid due to force majeure.



3.1 The payment for goods purchased on the Site shall be effected by the following methods:

3.1.a Credit cards of VISA and MASTERCARD, in which payments will be processed through a server-to-server connection through the use of secure protocol SSL / TLS.

3.1.b Paypal platform: you can pay by credit card / prepaid or via Paypal account of the customer (rechargeable via bank transfer or credit card / prepaid). Paypal does not involve any additional cost to the customer. If you are not already registered on Paypal you can easily open an account by clicking here.

3.1.c Bank Transfer: Once selected the products and completed the cart you proceed with confirmation of your order, to pay by bank transfer please choose the method of payment "bank transfer". After submitting the order you will receive from Skypoint an e-mail containing the bank details to make a bank. once the bank will need to send a copy of the receipt via e-mail in order to allow a more rapid fulfillment of the Order.

3.2 In case of missed payments, Skypoint charges the costs of management practices to customer and reject its Purchase Order, communicating via e-mail.

3.3 Skypoint reserves the right to not accept our own discretion some payment methods.