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Vixen set with M-155MA tripod, Polar Fine Adjustment Unit and QHD-33 for Polarie

Vixen set for Polarie star tracker that includes M-155MA tripod, QHD-33 pan head and Vixen Polar Fine Adjustment Unit.

398,00 €

Pack description

Vixen set for Polarie star tracker that includes M-155MA tripod, QHD-33 pan head and Vixen Polar Fine Adjustment Unit.

Scope of delivery:

Pack content

Vixen Velbon M-155MA adjustable tripod with QHD-33 pan head for Polarie star tracker. Includes elevator to reach height 1550 mm.

Vixen tripod and pan head for Polarie

Main Specifications

Base pan head specification

Polar axis head

Tilt angle range · Operating specification

Fine movement range: approximately ± 15 degrees (3 stage usable) 
Low: 0 to 30 degrees, medium: 30 to 60 degrees, high: 60 to 85 degrees 
double screw fine adjustment screw specifications and one rotation about 3.7 degrees

Azimuth range · Operation specification

Fine movement range: Approximately ± 15 degrees Double screw type fine movement screw specification · One rotation about 5.7 degrees

Camera pan head specification

Ball free platform (1/4 inch screw specification)

Tripod specification

Four stage telescopic tripod

Height (height above ground)

470 ⇔ 1,550 mm (without EV: maximum 1,290 mm · low position: 210 mm)


510 mm

Mounting screw

Quick mounting frame removable 1/4 inch screw type (Starry sky platform radar, AP polar shaft holder supported)

Elevator system

Sliding type elevator (center pole part): length 280 mm


Free head head QHD-33, MF screw 3/8, MF screw screwdriver, hexagonal wrench 4 mm, instruction manual (this document)


37 × 32 × 48 cm (state of product photo)


Tripod body: 1.7 kg (Polar shaft fine movement cloud blow head), pan head QHD-33: 130 g


The pan-mount head which is exclusively designed to precisely fit to the bottom of star trackers
can be secured or removed with a single screw.

The twin screw system for both tilt-angle and azimuth adjustment assures fine motion and rigid lock.

The widely adjustable tilt-angle from 0゚~85゚ permits a use in variously different location and situations.


Pan-Mount Head Quick Release Screw Attachment with 1/4" Screw.
Tilt Angle Adjustment Fine adjustment range: ±15゚. Possible in 3-step from low (0゚~30゚), middle (30゚~60゚), high (60゚~85゚) with twin screw in 3.7゚ per rotation.
Azimuth Adjustment Fine adjustment range: ±15゚, with twin screw in 5.7゚ per rotation.
Max.Loading Capacity Approx. 7kg
Applicable Tripod Photographic tripod (using 1/4", 3/8" screw)
Applicable Instrument POLARIE Star Tracker, AP Star Tracking System
Dimensions 51 x 73 x 49 mm
Weight 300g