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Hotech 2" SCA Laser Collimator with crosshair beam




Hotech 2" SCA Laser Collimator with crosshair beam. Removing the 2" SCA adapter you can insert the collimator into 1.25" focusers.

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Hotech 2" SCA Laser Collimator with crosshair beam. Removing the 2" SCA adapter you can insert the collimator into 1.25" focusers

The HoTech laser collimator separates itself from all other laser collimators with its innovative self-centering adapter technology (SCA). This mechanism allows precise and REPEATABLE installation in all brands of 1.25" and 2" telescope focusers thus provides accurate collimation. All laser collimators in the current market have one fundamental problem, slop in the adapting mechanism between the laser collimator and the telescope focuser. This problem is clearly recognized and often discussed among astronomers but so far there has been no definite solution in the market.

No matter how tightly the tolerances machined on the laser collimator or the focuser, a small gap is required to allow installation of the laser collimator. Once the laser collimator is inserted, the required gap becomes a problem. A laser collimator is secured with one or more thumbscrews or unified compression ring. Both methods introduce very critical issues, namely inconsistant adaption from off-axis (axial) and none parallel-axis installment that instantly destroys the precision of your collimation instrument along the entire optical axis. The Self-Centering Adapter cleverly eliminates the focuser slop by linearly compressing the built-in rubber rings. By doing this, the diameter of the rings expands to compensate the gap. Because all rings evenly expand radially in diameter from the compression, this automatically centers the laser collimator in the focuser draw tube. And most importantly, the SCA laser collimator can be tightly installed in the focuser for a repeatable installation to provide an accurate collimation.

In summary, the SCA adapter serves three critical functions. First, its expansion rings accommodate almost all focuser´s manufacturing tolerances. Second, it automatically centers the adapting laser in the focuser. Third, it provides at least two evenly distributed circular contacts on the focuser´s inner tube surface preventing the adapting laser from pivoting and parallel to the focuser. Once the slop factor is taken away, you can quickly collimate your telescope in confidence to achieve perfect collimation every time.

High Accuracy Laser Alignment

We position the laser precisely in the exact optical path and align the pointing of the laser beam parallel to the optical axis. It is critical to keep the laser beam centered along the optical path for an accurate collimation, otherwise collimating with an off-axis laser beam will introduce astigmatism into your telescope.

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