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ZWO ASI1600MM Pro USB 3.0 cooled monochrome CMOS camera with 7x36 mm EFW and LRGB, Ha, SII, OIII filter set

ZW Optical (ZWO ASI)



ZWO ASI1600MM Pro USB 3.0 cooled monochrome CMOS camera for deepsky imaging. Features: sensor 4/3″ CMOS, resolution 16 Mpx 4656x3520, pixel size 3.8µm, exposure range 32µs-2000s, delta T 40-45, interface USB3.0/USB2.0, bit rate 12bit output (12bit ADC). Includes 7x36 mm EFW and the following 36 mm filters: LRGB, Ha, SII, OIII.

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ZWO ASI1600MM Pro USB 3.0 cooled monochrome CMOS camera with 7x36 mm EFW and LRGB, Ha, SII, OIII filter set

A perfect set up for deep sky imaging!

ZWO ASI600MM Pro  Camera

You can get more detail from the link blow:

ZWO EFW (8 x 1.25″/31mm or 7 x 36mm)

Our latest EFW (Electronic Filter Wheel), larger than the previous but still low on weight. Only 400 grams (14 oz)!

The body is CNC milled from an aircraft graded aluminum block.
We decided to make it thinner, where it measures only 20 mm on the wheel body.

The heart of our EFW comes from NPM, Japan, whose the manufactor for the stepmotor and the quality is trustful and reliable. Guaranteed long life.

We have two specifications:

TYPE1: 8 positions, 1.25″ or 31mm filter can be used.

TYPE2: 7 positions, 36mm filter can be used.

The Electronic Filter wheel can be rotated in both counter clockwise or clockwise direction for filter selection.

There are no need for multiple cables to power this wheel up, just one USB cable does the trick.The power consumption of this EFW is approximately 120mAh @ 5V, which can be operated from the Cooled CCD’s USB hub.

The distance between the filter and sensor is around 10mm when you connect it to ASI1600.

So 1.25″ filters won’t have vignetting up to F5 focal ratio scope and 31mm filter won’t have vignetting up to F2 lens.

Our new RGBL filters are recommended to work with ASI1600, it will offer nearly 1:1:1 RGB color balance.

What`s in the box?

  • 8*31mm or 7*36mm EFW body
  • 1.25″ cover
  • T2 nosepiece
  • 1.25″ holder(with cover and 2 screws)
  • T2-T2 adapter(male)
  • A bag of spacers
  • USB2.0 2m cable
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A bag of M2 screws

ZWO LRGB 36mm Filters

The ZWO LRGB  36mm filter has better transmission, better coating,  better color separation.

The RGB color combine weights will be approximately 1:1:1.

  • Fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront
  • more than 92% transmission at passband
  • Infrared wavelength 700-1100nm cut-off
  • Precision off-band blocking
  • Multi-layers anti-reflection coating
  • Small spectral “gap” to minimize effect of light pollution
  • More parfocal – thickness  2mm

Technical Parameter:

  • Name: ZWO LRGB  36mm filter(4 filters)
  • Size: 36mm
  • Thickness: 2mm

ZWO New narrowband 36mm filter

Narrowband filter do not eliminate the effects of light pollution or increase the object’s brightness. In many cases, they increase the contrast between nebula and night sky, not brightening the nebula.

It can reduce the transmission of certain wavelengths of light, specifically those produced by artificial light including mercury vapor, and both high and low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. skyglow).

Form 2018, ZWO Made a progress on narrowband filters with new standard, provide better performance.

Technical Parameter:

  • Name: ZWO New narrowband  36mm filter
  • Size: D=36mm
  • Thickness: 2mm

The ZWO  H-Alpha filter  has a bandpass of  7nm and passes light at 656nm  wavelength, light transmission rate comes up to 80%. Best choice of narrowband H-alpha astrophotography filter for high-contrast imaging and revealing rich details of the nebula even in areas with strong light pollution, just prepare to experience the infinite fun with it!

The ZWO narrowband S-II 7nm filter passes light at 672nm wavelength with a bandpass of 7nm which is designed for nebula observation . It is suitable for visual observation on most emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants, use it with H-alpha and OIII narrowband filters (SHO Set) for tricolor CCD astrophotography.

The ZWO nrrowband O-III 7nm filter is designed for nebula observation allowing 7nm bandwidth of light centered on a wavelength of 500nm through,  which corresponds to OIII emission lines, blocking out all other light.  Adding the ZWO O-III Narrowband filter to your imaging collection will help you go beyond the RGB imaging and will help capture your favorite nebulas in a totally new light, no matter how polluted your skies may be!

  • Hubble look of images can be made by the combination of H-alpha, OIII-CCD and SII-CCD, such as the famous “Pillars of Creation” (M16 Eagle Nebula)
  • Narrowband imaging with SHO set (H-alpha, OIII-CCD and SII-CCD) can be done with the moon up in heavy light pollution, so your equipment is not sitting dormant for several weeks
  • H-alpha filter is the first narrowband addition to LRGB set for most imagers who blend a black-and-white Ha image into RGB data to enhance structural detail while maintaining natural look

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