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Camera Ccd Trius Sx-25C Visualizza ingrandito

Camera Ccd Trius Sx-25C

Starlight Xpress



Ccd Camera Trius Sx-25C Equipped With Sensor Sony Icx453Aq Superhad (Color Version With Bayer Matrix), Characterized By A Good Quantum Efficiency, Pixels From 7.8 Microns And A Very Low Thermal Noise.

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CCD Camera Trius SX-25C equipped with sensor Sony ICX453AQ SuperHAD (color version with Bayer matrix), characterized by a good quantum efficiency, from 7.8 micron pixels and a very low thermal noise.


  • Sensor CCD Sony Super HAD color ICX453AQ 6.09Mp with Bayer matrix ("" ​​One-Shot Colour "")
  • Sensitive Area 23.4 x 15.6 mm, 7.8 micron pixel
  • extremely low dark current
  • 3-port USB Hub
  • Cooling System Dual stage with 40 ° of thermal delta
  • Camera CCD sealed and filled with argon in order to prevent condensation and ice on the sensor
  • antiblooming extremely efficient with minimal effect on the linearity of the sensor and without the loss of sensitive areas
  • Interface USB 2.0 high speed: download frame in about 3.5 seconds!
  • High Quantum Efficiency: 60% peak to 540 nm
  • backfocus 17 mm +/- 1mm
  • Output guider integrated standard ST-4 (RJ-11), and support for external device autoguide StarlightXpress
  • Current consumption extremely low: less than 1.5 Ah with 12V DC.
  • Body CCD camera compact and lightweight: only 75 mm in diameter with a length of 70 mm, weighing only 300 grams.
  • Interface telescope thread T2 (42 x 0.75 mm)

    Specifications Trius SX-25C

    • Sensor CCD: Sony ICX453AQ SuperHAD color well 6.09Mp with Bayer matrix ("" ​​One-Shot Colour "")
    • Sensor technology CCD: Super HAD CCD with a very low thermal noise with sensitivity to IR and vertical anti-blooming.
    • Quality CCDs: Grade 1 or better: no defective column, no dead pixels, no more than 50 pixels "" hot "" (time reference saturation less than 10 seconds)
    • Resolution: 3024 x 2016 pixels
    • Dimensionei pixels: 7.8uM 7.8uM x
    • sensitive area: 23.4mm (horizontal) x 15.6mm (vertical).
    • Spectral response: QE maximum at 540nm (~ 60 %), more than 50% from 400 nM to 650nm.
    • Noise reading: less than 12 e- RMS, typically only 7 and -
    • Full-well capacity: Greater than 25,000 e- (1x1 bin)
    • Anti-blooming: margin overloading up aa 800x Dark current: Less than 0.02 e / s @ -10 ° C.
    • Digitization 16 bit
    • Gain: 0.4 e- / ADU
    • Computer Interface: USB 2.0 compatible with USB 2.0 3-port hub.
    • Download Time image: typically 3.5 seconds at full resolution "

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