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Sbig ST-i guiding camera

Sbig ST-i guiding camera

Sbig ST-i guiding camera. It features Kodak KAI-340 monochrom ccd sensor.

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Sbig ST-i guiding camera



New product

Sbig ST-i guiding camera. It features Kodak KAI-340 monochrom ccd sensor.

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It 'came the new ultra-compact CCD camera SBIG ST-i offers features not found in other models of this size and cost. It represents the perfect choice for the guider for both the resumption of planets and Moon high resolution.
The body and 'light, only 68 grams, and very compact, no more' long of a normal eye 31,8 mm in diameter. The camera receives both the control signals that the power supply through the computer's USB port. For the guider is this a universal ST4 autoguider port on the rear panel.

Key Features:

  • CCD camera with low noise and high sensitivity '
  • Available in color or monochrome
  • Internal mechanical shutter for automatic removal of dark frames
  • Electronic shutter for exposure times longer 'short
  • Up to 21 frames per second mode 'focus
  • A / D 16-bit
  • Compact dimensions, such as an eyepiece 31.8mm
  • Lightweight, only 68 grams of weight
  • Powered via the USB port on your PC
  • Bring guider ST4 Universal
  • Front thread for 31.8mm filters < / li>
  • Software shooting autoguide CCDOPS with Planet MasterSoftware shooting autoguide CCDSoft (version 5)

    CCD KODAK KAI-340 - Mono or Color

    The ST-i uses a Kodak CCD sensor with low noise and high quality 'class 1. The KAI-340 has a read noise of only 9 e in this camera. This and 'the same sensor used as a guide in new and AllSky STX-340. It has a resolution of 648 x 484 pixel square by 7.4 microns. The anti-blooming and 'standard. E 'available the mode' 2x2 binning and sub-frame to increase the speed 'focus and image download. At full resolution are achieved (16-bit) 5 frames per second. You can 'also choose to record only a particular area of ​​his choice (ROI). Mode 'focus, using a box of 20x20 pixels, are obtained values ​​above 20 fps.
    CosଠKodak describes the performance of this sensor, "" Designed for imaging applications more' challenging, this sensor has additional features such as the electronic shutter, with peak quantum efficiency of 55%, read noise and dark current very low. These features provide a sensor sensitivity 'outstanding and make it ideal for various application list as scientific ones. ""

    Shutters electronic and mechanical

    The sensor ST-i has an electronic shutter to enable very short exposure times, up to 0.001 seconds. Most similar cameras of other brands possesses only this type of shutter because of the constructive difficulty (and cost) that involves the addition of a mechanical model. However, the ST-i also features a mechanical shutter to allow the camera to automatically remove the dark frames. This feature greatly improves the performance of ST-especially in the application of the guider. The cooling of the sensor is not necessary for typical use in court poses guider or ripredere planets and the moon, but the possibility remains that some hot pixels can be noticed during the guider. The abilities to capture and automatically subtract the dark frame allows for a perfect sky background and then you can use the stars to guide less bright. Finally, while the cameras of more economical driving using an analog-digital converter 8 or 10 bits, the ST-i uses a 16 bit converter high Furnishings for higher resolution and greater dynamic range.


    • camera with front thread for 31.8mm filters
    • USB Cable
    • Software CCDOPS with PlanetMaster
    • Software CCDSoft 5Manuali version on CD "

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