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Lumenera Skynyx 2-1 Monochrome




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" The main strengths of SKYnyx are:

  • dynamic 12-bit to have 4096 levels of gray or color (all other video systems, Imaging Source DMK included, have a dynamic 8-bit so only 256) which means that it has a dynamic sixteen times greater than that available in any other camera competitor. Having availability a dynamic range higher mean getting less noisy images, with more details and nuances and therefore in one word BEST. NOTE: there is a difference in the dynamics of native camera and then applied in the dynamic software and this is a bit 'of misinformation on the internet. The Lumenera send data to the computer 12-bit real which can then be converted into 16-bit software, but the details and the nuances visible gray or color will be the same, those shooting 12-bit! The software or the electronic post-increasing dynamic 16-bit can not obviously increase the nuances or details because these are NOT registered by camera.Alcune camcorders competitors are sold as 10-bit systems but actually going well to read the technical features it is seen that the output from the camera (sensor) is 8 bit and the dynamics is so increased subsequently to 10 bits. But this does NOT mean having a camera in 10-bit as the details and the nuances will be those recorded in 8 bits !!!!! So the real difference between a SKYnyx and ALL other camcorders on the market for high-resolution, is huge since they are well-4 bits of data taken from Lumenera and lost by other cameras (well 3840 levels lost by other cameras: SKYnyx offers 4096 levels against 256 levels of all the other cameras).
  • electronics specifically designed for use astronomical . Competitors use cameras for surveillance or webcam simply adapted for use astronomical using a connection in order to connect to the telescope. The Lumenera SKYnyx instead use electronics entirely designed and developed for astronomy, to have the lowest thermal noise and electronic possible.
  • ccd sensors chosen among those most suitable for use astronomical, both as sensitivity on the wavelength of interest in astronomy as either class cosmetics. < br> In addition, the sensors used have a thermal noise well below those used by webcam or by DMK in molti casi si arriva ad avere un rumore termico anche di dieci volte inferiore a quello delle camere concorrenti.
  • 6 modelli disponibili tra cui scegliere sia a colori che monocromatici con diverse risoluzioni fino a 2 megapixel
  • frame rate (immagini riprese al secondo) molto alto , fino a 60 al secondo e aumentabile fino a 200 al secondo grazie alla possibilità di utilizzare il ROI (region of interest), selezionando la porzione di sensore interessata dall'oggetto che si vuole riprendere, e il binning

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