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Lunt LS152TCAKMD Calcium-K module for LS152THa solar telescope




Lunt LS152TCAKMD Calcium-K module for Lunt LS152THa solar telescope with Crayford style 2" focuser, hard carry case and mounting adapter.

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LUNT LS152TCaKMD Ca-K filter-module for LS152THa

The LS152THa telescopes could be upgraded with a optional, interchangeable Ca-K module allowing for the research of multiple wavelengths through the same telescope.

You can exchange easily the H-alpha system in the LS152THa against this Ca-K Module. So the sun can be observed in H-alpha or in the light of the Calcium-K wavelength - with the same telescope!

This module was designed especially for the LS152THa H-alpha telescope. It comes with a completely new focuser. Simply unscrew the three thumbscrews at the LS152THa that hold the H-alpha unit and the focuser. Install here the new focuser with the Ca-K module, and you have changed your LS152T to a real Ca-K telescope.

But there is more: with the new focuser (without inserted Ca-K module) the LS152T can also be used as a normal astronomical night-sky telescope! Or you can observe the sun with a additional LUNT 2" Herschel wedge also in white-light!
With this accessory the LS152T will become a real multi-purpose telescope!

Can only be used with a LS152THa solar telescope.

Delivered by order:
• 2" Ca-K Module for LS152THa Telescope
• 2" Crayford style focuser with 10:1 reduction and adapter to LS152THa telescopes
• Transport case
• Instruction manual
(LS152THa telescope not included!)

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