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Celestron 12V 5A PowerTank Lithium Pro




Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro features 12V 5V telescope output, 5V 2.1A USB charging port, 5V USB quick charging port, red and white lights, strap for attaching to tripod and strap for hanging.

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Celestron PowerTank Lithium Pro features 12V 5V telescope output, 5V 2.1A USB charging port, 5V USB quick charging port, red and white lights, strap for attaching to tripod and strap for hanging.

Celestron 12V 5A PowerTank Lithium Pro


Extra-large capacity portable power pack featuring Celestron’s LiFePO4 battery technology.

Powers your telescope for up to 17 hours.

USB device charging supports QuickCharge 2/3 and Adaptive Fast Charge to give you the fastest device charging possible.

Features 2 USB ports for charging other devices, plus a 12V car battery adapter port.

LED light panel provides bright white or red LED illumination for up to 25 hours.

Perfect for astronomy, camping, emergency kits, anywhere you need portable power.

Meets current FAA regulations for carry-on baggage.

Battery shuts off automatically when insufficient current flow is detected to prevent you from inadvertently draining your battery.


The PowerTank Lithium Pro is for the true power user!  This higher capacity unit is the latest version of our bestselling PowerTank Lithium. PowerTank Lithium Pro offers twice the battery capacity of the original, making it ideal for more demanding applications.

PowerTank Lithium Pro features the right ports and connections to accommodate a variety of devices. You’ll find a 12V DC 5A telescope power port (Celestron cable included), a 12V DC 10A car battery adapter port, and two 5V DC USB ports - one 2.1 A and one that supports rapid charging.

The power pack’s extremely portable form factor means it can go anywhere from a remote dark sky location for astroimaging to a weekend of camping. When it’s powering your telescope, use the included 2” straps to secure the unit to your tripod leg where it is out of the way. 

One side of the unit features a strip of LED lighting in both bright white and red. This turns the unit into a convenient safety light during star parties or a work lamp to clean up your observing area when the night is done. You can even use it as a bright emergency light during a power failure and illuminate an entire room of your home.

PowerTank Lithium Pro can also travel with you on your next vacation. At 158.74 Wh, it meets current FAA regulations (160Wh) from transportation in your carry-on baggage.  Please check in advance with your airline to verify they do not have stricter policies.

Advantages of Celestron’s LiFePO4 Battery

Powered by Celestron's Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, PowerTank Lithium Pro is smaller, lighter, and safer than sealed lead acid batteries. The technology is also more environmentally-friendly since it does not use toxic heavy metals.

PowerTank Lithium Pro’s LiFePO4 chemistry holds up to 2000 charge cycles and has an un-recharged shelf life up to 10 years. That means you won’t have to remember to recharge your battery every few months like with a sealed lead acid battery. Its large, 17-hour capacity and lack of maintenance make PowerTank Lithium Pro the ideal choice for an emergency kit. Store one in your home, your garage, and even your office.

PowerTank Lithium Pro Compatibility List

Will power any computerized mount


Advanced VX


Astro Fi



NexStar Evolution


NexStar GT 


NexStar SE Series


NexStar SLT



LCM series



Battery Capacity:

158.74 Wh

Charging Input

16VDC @ 2000mA

Charge Time (from flat)

6 hours

Telescope Power Port

12VDC @ 5000mA, Tip positive

Car Battery Adapter Port

12VDC @ 10A, Tip positive

USB Charging Port 1 Output

5VDC @ 2100mA

USB Charging Port 2 Output

5VDC Quick Charge

Auto Shutoff Threshold Current

(Car Battery Port) - Less than 420mA for a long period of time

Operating Temperature

-4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)

Light Panel

Red or White with two brightness settings for each color


IP-65 rating

Telescope Power Cord

6.5 ft (2 m) with connector for Celestron telescopes


2” wide hook & loop strap for attachment to tripod leg

Product Dimensions

8.75" x 6" x 4"

Product Weight

4.5 lbs

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