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Barlow 2X 50.8mm

Barlow 2X 50.8mm

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Barlow 2X 50.8mm



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"apochromatic Barlow 2x diam. 50.8mm, is definitely the best Barlow on the market.
Only two glass elements of highest quality have been enough to maintain any aberrations well below the Airy disk of a lens f / 4, the optical configurations of other manufacturers defined apochromatic prove decidedly less efficient and optically correct. With a Barlow Tele Vue will be sure to not worsen in any way the image of your telescope!

The lenses of the Barlow Tele Vue using glasses with a high refractive index with anti-reflection coating for optimum correction of aberrations and for exceptional contrast without loss of brightness. E 'with locking screw for accessories and filter thread 48mm. E 'ideal for use with Newton telescopes because in this configuration is parfocal with both eyes by 31.8mm by 50.8mm eye with that.
can double the power of qualsisi eye with Big Barlow 2x, but the addition of the fitting Dedicated reports the pupil in its original position, when used with eye long as the focal Panoptic 50.8mm. The combination of the fitting and the Big Barlow mimics the concept of Powermate. How does we recommend using the Big Barlow with diagonal diameter. 50.8mm because with some telescopes could be difficult to reach the fire, especially if you also use the connection for Panoptic eyepieces. A solution devoid of problems is to use the Powermate 2x diam. 50.8mm which essentially includes the function of the fitting and is compatible with all configurations. The optical scheme allows to amplify much of the power of magnification simply by removing the apparatus of recovery, be it a camera, a CCD or webcam, maintaining the same optical quality without inducing aberrations.
Weight: 340g

For astrophotography, following is a diagram that indicates the magnifying power of each Barlow versus distance of the upper surface of the same by the sensor or film. "

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