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Refractor For Driving 50 mm With Helical Focuser

Refractor For Driving 50 mm With Helical Focuser

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Refractor For Driving 50 mm With Helical Focuser



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Refractor for driving 50 mm with helical focuser with support, mounting bar dovetail adjustable and universal mounting plate. It allows you to frame numerous potential guide stars through a perspective bright and wide field. The bar dovetail adjustable makes installation easy and fast on every astrograph. The weight of the tube (544 g) does not weigh down the set-up astrofotografico in which it is added. Designed to be used with astrographs with a focal length of at least 1500 mm.

Technical details: refractor 50 mm, 162 mm focal length, focal ratio F / 3.2, covering multi-coated, resolving power 3:32 seconds arc, intubation made of aluminum, tube weight 544.31 g.

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