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Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 triplet apochromat Dual ED FPL-53




The Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 apochromatic refractor is an air-spaced triplet apochromat with Dual ED S-FPL53 optical design. Objective lens diameter is 140 mm with 910 mm focal length. 4" over-sized rack and pinion focuser with 360° rotation and 1:10 microfocuser, 2" and 1.25" adapter included. Telescope comes with sliding dew-shield, CNC rings, handle, Vixen/GP dovetail plate, universal finder base and transport case.

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Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 triplet apochromat FPL-53

The Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 features an apochromatic objective lens with 140 mm diameter and 910 mm focal length (focal ratio F/6.5). Optical design consists is an air-spaced triplet apochromat with japanese Ohara S-FPL53 Dual ED optical design delivering very high color correction. Each optical surface is fully multi-coated with a high light-transmission coating.

The Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 is a refractor designed mainly for astrophotography indeed: focal ratio of F/6.5 is somewhat fast, combining it with a 2" or 2.5" field flattener this refractor transforms into a flat field astrograph corrected also on big-sized sensors. You can lower down focal ratio using the dedicated 9.75x Sharpstar reducer / flattener that takes down the focal ratio to F/4.8.

Even if the the photographic vocation of this instruments is apparent, the Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 delivers stunning performance also on visual observations. Color correction and optical quality are excellent and generous backfocus allows the use of binocular turrets without any optical corrector in the light path.

Optical tube is made from aluminium light alloys CNC machine. It has a modular design, in fact OTA can be divided in various sections in order to optimize backfocus for your needs.

The Sharpstar AL-140PH F/6.5 features an oversized 4" rack & pinion focuser with 1:10 micro-focuser. 2" and 1.25" adapter are included. There are also several threads available for direct accessories attachment: M78x1 female, M74x1 male and M68x1 female. Focuser allows for 360° rotation.

Mechanical quality is top-notch: OTA is made with CNC-machined light aluminium alloy, light and sturdy. Focuser is of very good quality. Even experienced customers will admire for sure quality of this instruments. Nothing is left to chance!

Technical data

  • Model: Sharpstar AL-140PH
  • Aperture size:140mm
  • Limiting visual magnitude:12.5
  • Focal ratio:f/6.5
  • Resolution:0.83 arc seconds
  • Objective lens:triplet air-spaced APO(including two ED glass)
  • Tube length:738.6mm(with the dew shield contracted)
  • Accessories:a pair of tube rings, a wide dovetail plate and a handle
  • Tube outer diameter:148mm
  • Net weight:10.1kg
  • Gross weight:11.7kg(including tube rings, dovetail plate and handle)

Scope of delivery

  • 4" focuser with 2" and 1.25" reduction. 1:10 micro-focuser and 360° rotation. Available threads: t.b.d.
  • Retractible dewshield
  • Finder shoe
  • CNC rings
  • Vixen/GP dovetail plate
  • Handle
  • Transport case

Optical and mechanical check before delivery

Sharpstar inspects any instrument with their interpherometer in order to deliver the highest quality possible. Any optics sold by Skypoint is thouroughly tested with our optical bench. Testing includes also a deep mechanical check so that you will be sure to get a perfectly collimated instrument without mechanical defects that may occurs during import from China.

Skypoint, thanks to his pluriannual expertize, can assis you to complete your setup. We are also able to design and manufacture high-precision mechanical adapters for your CCD or CMOS camera. Contact us for info!

We ship worldwide, contact us for a quotation

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