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Eye Pentax Xw 3.5mm Visualizza ingrandito

Eye Pentax Xw 3.5mm




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"The Pentax offers a series of eyepieces with different magnifications designed for astronomical observations. A complex computer simulation is used to drastically reduce internal reflections, providing brighter images and sharper.
The XW series is ideal for wide-field observations: with an apparent field of 70 °, long eye relief of 20mm and high performance optics provides images with contrast and engraving insurmountable.

All eyepieces XW series are built with glass ED lanthanum low dispersion and high light transmission which can obtain high-resolution images with very bright aberrations and distortions practically absent.
comfortable eye relief of 20mm is also suitable for those who wear glasses.
These eyepieces offer maximum performance with any type of instrument and lens design but provide spectacular images especially if used with all apochromatic refractors and in all cases are suitable for deep-sky observations and high resolution.
Particular attention was paid to the anti-reflective coating to increase color rendition and light transmission. In addition to the now famous Pentax SMC, one of the best treatments ever patented, has created a special semitrattamento SMC combined elements glued in order to increase the light transmission that, with this measure, which is incredibly increasing by 98%, reducing drastically internal reflections to the benefit of a greater contrast.
All models have a mechanical quality at the highest level and are waterproof (JIS 4) to prevent ingress of dust or moisture inside the lens increasing life eyepiece. The special hood extensible, exclusive Pentax, allows to adjust the position of the eye at the right distance (even in the presence of glasses) and to keep it perfectly aligned so as to enjoy the entire field offered to 70 ° and prevent annoying effects of disappearance of the image that often appear with other wide field eyepieces.
Currently there are no eye on the world market with the same features and performance and Skypoint is pleased to propose to its customers as an exclusive distributor of products for the Pentax ' Italy.

The magazine Coelum and Stars in their tests in April 2004 and October 2004 about the XW write verbatim.


  • All eyepieces XW were very well adjusted to the center as at the edges: the image of Saturn and the Cassini division remained in fact perfectly clear even to the extreme edges of the
  • All XW eyepieces are parfocal results, that you can interchanged freely maintaining the same focus. It is a very valuable convenience
  • The head to head comparison between the old series XL (judged in 2000 in the test of R. Braga as the best pieces of optics available to amateurs at that time) and the new series has XW confirmed a technical improvement quite marked "" |
  • The extension of the field while maintaining a nearly perfect correction, ergonomics and ease of use improved and a further slight improvement in brightness and glare control, confirm placement Pentax XW eyepieces of the best eye ever on the market. Finally, a brief comment on the cost: though expensive in absolute terms, are also recommended (only to those who have tools of equal quality) for the high optical and mechanical finishing, in my opinion hard to match.

    The Star:

    • The curvature was absent in all models tested excellent eye relief. We did not detect any astigmatism.
    • Needless to say, what was the vision of the Double Cluster of Perseus and the Pleiades through the refractor Pentax 75: Yes the images were less bright than those shown by the C8, but the stars were pinholes immersed in a large field proper, such as not to regret a great binEyepieces fluorite diameter slightly above
    • Finally, these new eyes of Pentax are extraordinary vision of deep sky objects, and for the convenience they offer in ' observation and to contain reflections, are also highly recommendable for owners of telescopes curved field (Maksutov, Schmidt-Cassegrain, etc.) for unrivaled views of the lunar surface and solar
      Lens8 elements , 5 groups Multi-CoatedSMC high light transmission on all surfaces < / td> Focal Length3.5mm Apparent Field70th Eye Relief20mm diameter barrel31.8mm Filter diameter31.8mm Field Stop4.3mm< TD>
      61x137mm Weight405g "

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