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Indulge your beloved ones by giving them a chance to choose their own gift!

Finding the perfect gift for someone isn't always easy. Give a Gift Card to your friends or family members and offer them the opportunity to choose from the vast catalog of Skypoint’s products!

Our Gift Cards can be spent at the store of Campoformido or purchases on the web-site

A Gift Card can have a minimum value of € 30.00 and a maximum value of € 500.00. To request any Gift Card above of the maximum amount, contact our staff.

Choose the desired Gift Card amount and add it to your cart. Once you completed the payment you will receive via email the voucher of the Gift Card, to be submitted electronically or printed and delivered in person to the beneficiary. The use of the Gift Card is reserved for the Beneficiary indicated by the buyer.

Gift certificates cannot be divided or refundable in cash even if used partially. You cannot buy gift certificates by paying with other gift certificates.

Gift certificate is valid for 12 months from date of emission. The complete rules for the use of the Gift Cards is located at the following web address: CGV.

Customizing the Gift Card:

When you put the Gift Card in the basket remember to insert in the notes field the following information necessary for customizing:

  • Sender of Gift Card: Name and / or Surname
  • Recipient of the Gift Card: Name Surname
  • Message

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