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Skypoint Srl was founded in 1999 by Marco Cosmacini and Marzia Muradore, with the intention of becoming a viable alternative on the amateur astronomy market. An alternative created by amateurs and not by traders, because our intention was to combine passion and work: this means that we know what we sell by direct experience.

Now Skypoint, thanks to his rapid growth, specialization and experience, and thanks to the exclusive distribution of lot of famous astronomical brands, has been the reference point for Italian and european market.

Our company cooperates directly with telescope manufacturers to ensure the most competitive prices and the widest range of products possibile: currently there are more more than 3000 articles, many of them available for immediate delivery.

Skypoint head office

Visit us at our shop of 600 square meters located in Campoformido (Udine) for a closer look at our products.

In our store, thanks to the dedicated meeting room, group of amateur astronomers, observers or public institutions, schools as well as individuals can decide, choose and analyze the instrumentation for their own purposes, followed and recommended by our staff.

Head office:

  • 110 square meters exhibition hall
    In our store you can find all major products marketed by Skypoint as you can see from the photographs of the exhibition, with telescopes ranging from 50 to 50,000 €.
  • 100 square meters exhibition room for planetariums
    In the planetarium room it is possibile to see our manufactured domes (Carbon Look 4 meters wide) as well as the inflatable Go-Domes domes (5m wide with 4 rings available for demonstration). It is also possible to watch a demonstration of a Digitalis digital planetarium as well as a professional planetarium by Evans & Sutherland.
  • 50 square meters workshop for optical and mechanical repairs and for optical testing
  • 150 square meters offices for our administrative and technical staff
  • Stock
    180 square meters
    Storage capacity:
    45 linear meters of shelving door pallets
    40 linear meters of generic shelving door pallets
    more than 20 linear meters of cabinets for small parts and accessories
  • Workshop
    We have a small workshop equipped with lathes, drill, drill press, etc., for minor repairs (the most challenging works are entrusted to a specialist of our choice equipped with CNC machines)


Our strength is the extensive range of products ready available for delivery in Italy.

Our other strengths, not secondary to that of price, are customer service, professionalism and competence with which we follow you when buying a product, from small accessories to full telescope. We are proud, like few other companies in Italy, to have a near-total degree of satisfaction of our customers, so that our best advertising are the recommendation of our coustomers to their friends.

Thanks to this we are now one of the most established and best known companies in amateur astronomy.

Skypoint s.r.l. is exclusive distributor or official distributor of most existing brands. We invite you to see the brands dedicated page: i nostri marchi.

We constantly monitor the market astronomy selecting the best and the latest news products, proposing them at most competitive prices with several payment option, like instalment payment, used products pick up, etc..

We are also able to guarantee a constant and qualified technical assistance and consultation with our technicians, we can find all the original parts provided by the brands we deal with. The warranty against manufacturing defects is present on all products and its duration varies depending on brands. The warranty period is indicated for each brand on the list price.

We are the most specialized company for the observation in H-alpha and other wavelengths of the sun as we are distributors for Italy of all brands of products for the observation of the Sun, so we can guarantee highly professional results!

We can handle high resolution (hires) dedicated instruments, reflectors professional instruments up to meter-size and apochromatic refractors of all sizes and styles.

Skypoint in recent years has also become the major point of reference in Italy for the construction and provision of digital planetarium systems, both for teaching and professional purposes. Of our construction is the Planetarium of Padua, currently considered as the most technologically advanced digital planetarium in Italy, with few equals in Europe, but also many others like the Planetarium Cortina, etc..

Skypoint Srl is also the European representative for Evans & Sutherland and the exclusive distributor for Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. Digitarium digital planetarium systems. You are invited to vist our dedicated websites:

Visit our REFERENCES (in italian language) to understand who is Skypoint and to see how many scientific and public institutions have chosen us over last years..

Last but not least we have a rich area reserved for natural observations, day or night, with the best instruments on the market dedicated to birdwatching and long-range wildlife watching as well as night vision goggles, stabilized binoculars and other instruments for Police, Firemen and Civil Protection.

You can order our products by phone, fax, e-mail or by e-commerce catalog receiving them directly to your home throughout Italy and Europe and safely by a qualified courier. You can also visit us at major exhibitions and star-parties.

Therefore Skypoint offers the largest and most extensive selection of products in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

kypoint, to give you the best and most qualified possible assistance, consists of four sections:

Skypoint Srl is the exclusive or official dealer for Italy of more than 90% of the most prestigious brands of telescopes, CCD cameras, filters and accessories for solar astronomy. If you are a demanding amateur, a public institute or a research center with Skypoint Professional you will find the more specialized and competent company throughout Italy and the largest selection in stock.

Skypoint Easy is the section dedicated to beginners and amateurs interested in products with excellent price-performance ratio, with a specialized and highly competent technical service through a careful selection of the best brands and products. By Skypoint Easy you can find Newton, reflectors, refractors, mounts and many accessories. Open the right door to enter the wonderful world of astronomy!

Skypoint Earth offers the best binoculars, fieldscopes, night vision equipment and microscopes both amateur and professional, with a wide choice of brands and models. IThe products can be compared and tested prior to purchase at our store.

Skypoint is the leader company in Italy in the supply and installation of educational and professional digital planetariums, with the latest technology available. The products available through Skypoint Digital planetariums are digital planetarium, hybrid planetariums and professional optical planetary, inflatable or fixed domes.
Planetarium systems brands exclusively sold in Italy and Europe: Evans & Sutherland and Digitalis Educational Solutions, Inc.
Dome brands exclusively sold in Italy and part of Europe: Go-Domes and Digitalis; Skypoint Srl sells directly composite and carbon fiber domes.
Related Products: full-dome movies of various brands, multimedia content and special projects.
We also offer a design service in partnership with a qualified architectural studio.

Clear skies,
Skypoint Staff

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