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Ls152Tha 0.65A Pressure Tuner B1200 View larger

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Ls152Tha 0.65A Pressure Tuner B1200

Ls152Tha 0.65A Pressure Tuner B1200

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Ls152Tha 0.65A Pressure Tuner B1200



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Being the most 'big H-alpha solar telescope available, the LS152THa and' perfect for the observer more 'ambitious!

The LS152THa provides the highest resolution among all solar telescopes H -alpha. The system will work unobstructed 'at the highest level both at low and high magnification. Thanks to treatment with very high optical contrast and system tuning Doppler True Pressure, the user will be 'able to obtain sharp images, bright and rich didettagli both visual for photo applications.

A Etalon Internal with the system of air-pressure adjustment allows to obtain a lower bandwidth to 0.65 Angstroms. This system Pressure Tuner allows a better adjustment than other systems. Pressure Tuner system adapted the Etalon to varying altitudes and atmospheric pressures for always getting the best possible performance.

The diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed you can use the eyepieces from 31.8mm and it presents a T2 for the photographic use. The focus is through a unique Feather Touch focuser with 50.8 mm reduction 1:10.

  • Auto H-alpha advanced narrowband.
  • optical tube refractor 152mm in diameter.
  • Etalon internal HD unobstructed with Pressure Tuner system for a wavelength of less than 0.65 Angstroms, for more details.
  • The system includes mounting rings, support bar, caps and hard carrying case.
  • Included a zoom eyepiece Lunt.

    Features: < / b>

    • Type: Single Interference HD Etalon
    • Tuning: air-pressure
    • Diameter: 152 mm
    • Focal length: 900 mm
    • Focal Ratio: F6
    • Bandwidth: <0.65 Angstrom 656.28nm @
    • Focuser: Starlight Instrument Feather Touch
    • Color : Pearl White with black trim and rossePeso: 14 kg
    • Diagonal: B1200 Blocking Filter


      The largest H-alpha telescope available: 152mm aperture, 900mm focal length, no obstruction and a lower bandwidth to 0.65 Angstrom: The solar telescope for professionals! If you are looking for the perfect solar image, the LS152THa is the perfect system for you. It provides the best performance obtainable from a single telescope filter Etalon, creating exceptional images even at high magnifications. Thanks to treatment with very high contrast and tuning the system to air-pressure, generates sharp images and bright, very good for both the application that the photographic vision. It comes with a choice of filters blocking B1200, B1800 (diagonal size) or B3400 (version straight extension tube 50.8 mm in diameter). Accessories include support rings, connecting rod to the frame, solar finder, zoom eyepiece from 7.2 to 21.5mm, hard carrying case and a focuser Starlight Instruments Feather-Touch.

      For this telescope is also available Optional add-Ca-K (LS152TCaKMD). This can easily replace the module installed in the H-alpha telescope allowing to transform this tool in a model to the line of Football!

      LS152THa with Pressure Tuner

      These telescopes are now also available with the new air-pressure tuning system. This allows a better regolazioene dell'Etalon compared to other systems by reducing the bandwidth to values ​​lower than 0.7 A.

      The atmospheric pressure varies depending on whether you are, for example, at sea level or in the mountains. Unfortunately the filters Etalon respond to these changes and the wavelength that is allowed to pass from the filter varies as a function of atmospheric pressure. This variation is very small but at bandwidths of less than 1 Angstrom is clearly visible. If the filter is not perfectly tuned to hear the H-alpha wavelength, the image loses detail and other features like bumps or granules are no longer visible.

      To make this adjustment proceed usually mechanically but to sizes of a few Angstrom this is very difficult to obtain. The new system Pressure Tuner Lunt Solar Systems works differently: the air pressure in the filter is adjusted to 100% to the external pressure. Then the air around all'Etalon can be compressed or expanded by the tuning system to change the pressure between the surfaces. This allows the surface dell'Etalon to always remain at the same angle with respect to light waves but changing the refractive index of the air in the camera: it gets so an effect of tuning of + or - 0.4 Angstrom. The patented Pressure Tuner of Lunt Solar Systems is also called True Doppler Tuning and achieves much better results than conventional tuning mechanisms.

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