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Ls60Thads50 0.55A Pressure Tuner B1200 View larger

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Ls60Thads50 0.55A Pressure Tuner B1200

Ls60Thads50 0.55A Pressure Tuner B1200

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Ls60Thads50 0.55A Pressure Tuner B1200



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This telescope is delivered with two filters Etalon, one internal and one external. The internal and 'equipped with an air-pressure tuning to achieve a bandwidth of less than 0.7 Angstroms. This Pressure Tuner system allows a better adjustment than other systems. The system Pressure Tuner adapted the Etalon to varying altitudes and atmospheric pressures for always getting the best possible performance. The LS60THaDS50 can 'be used only with the internal filter with a diameter of 60mm to obtain a bandwidth of less than 0.7 Angstroms, or with the addition of the second filter from 50mm diameter to reduce the bandwidth to values ​​lower than 0.5 Angstroms.

The best images of the Sun you definitely get with the double filter. The reduction of the bandwidth from 0.7 to 0.5 Angstrom Angstrom seems to bring to life the Sun's surface. But add a second Etalon not 'as simple as it can' sempbrare. Both filters must be aligned and both must be adjustable (Tuning) in order to eliminate any ghosting. Ideally, the curve of transmissivity 'should overlap perfectly to provide the best resolution and higher contrast. Both filters in this telescope are adjusted at the factory to provide an optimized system yet easy to use.

The focal length of the telescope and '500mm. The blocking filter and 'the B1200 which is' suitable for photography because it provides a smaller vignetting. The diagonal in which the blocking filter and 'installed accepts eyepieces 31.8mm and has a T2 photographs. The focus is through a dual speed Crayford focuser '.


  • Diameter: 60 mm or 50 mm
  • Focal length: 500 mm
  • Bandwidth: <0.7 Angstrom or <0.5 Angstrom
  • Tuning: tiltable Etalons consistema tuning air-pressure < li> Filter lock: B1200 attack with 31.8 mm and thread T2
  • Focuser: Crayford with reduction 10: 1
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Length: 47 cm

    LS60THaDS50 Double Stack

    The bandwidth of an H-alpha telescope Can be reduced by combining two filters Etalon together. This is called "" duoble stack "" and allows you to increase the contrast of many details. The best result is obtained when the two Etalon are optimized together. The systems to double stack of Lunt Solar Systems ensures that both filters are perfectly matched. Also they are adjusted to eliminate ghosting. The telescopes LS60THaDS50 double stack are shipped with two Etalon, one internal and one external. The telescope Can be used with only the internal Etalon to a bandwidth of less than 0.75 angstroms and a diameter of 60mm or together with the second external filter with a bandwidth less than 0,55A and 50mm diameter. These telescopes are disponiibli also with the system Pressure-Tuner. The double-stacking with Pressure Tuner allows you to get a lower band to 0.50 Angstroms.

    What is the Pressure Tuner system?

    The pressure varies depending on whether you're, for example, the level of the sea or mountains. Unfortunately the filters Etalon respond to these changes and the wavelength that is allowed to pass from the filter varies as a function of atmospheric pressure. This variation is very small but at bandwidths of less than 1 Angstrom is clearly visible. If the filter is not perfectly tuned to hear the H-alpha wavelength, the image loses detail and other features like bumps or granules are not more visible.

    To make this adjustment proceed usually mechanically but in quantities of a few Angstroms this is very difficult to obtain. The new system Pressure Tuner Lunt Solar Systems works differently: the air pressure in the filter is adjusted to 100% to the external pressure. Then the air around all'Etalon Can be compressed or expanded by the tuning system to change the pressure between the surfaces. This allows the surface dell'Etalon to remain at the same angle to the light waves Pern changing the refractive index of the air in the camera: you get cosଠeffect of tuning of + or - 0.4 Angstrom. The patented Pressure Tuner of Lunt Solar Systems is also called True Doppler Tuning and achieves much better results than conventional tuning mechanisms. "

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