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Orion Astroview 6" Newtonian reflector telescope with free lunar map

Orion Astroview 6" F/5 Newtonian reflector telescope (code OR-09827) with free Orion lunar map (code OR-51985).

499,00 €

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517,00 €

Pack description

Orion Astroview 6" F/5 Newtonian reflector telescope (code OR-09827) with free Orion lunar map (code OR-51985).

Pack content

If you're ready to take the next step up from a small refractor, or if you want your first telescope to have more light-gathering power than the typical starter telescope offers, then we heartily recommend the Orion AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope.

It's hard to beat this 6" aperture equatorial reflector telescope for all-around performance at a great price. Its 150mm-diameter (6") parabolic Newtonian reflecting optics (focal length 750mm, f/5) pull down pleasing views of a rich variety of celestial objects. With the included 10mm Plossl telescope eyepiece (1.25"), you'll roam detailed lunar landscapes at 75x power; or see distinct, variegated cloud bands on Jupiter's disk. Pop in the included 25mm Plossl telescope eyepiece for some deep-sky thrills, where modest 30x power rewards you with contrast-rich images of cloudy nebulas and sparkling star clusters framed in a wide field of view. With additional optional telescope eyepieces or a power-boosting Barlow lens (sold separately), you can push the power to 150x or more on clear evenings.

Metal telescope tube rings fasten the 27"-long reflector optical tube to the sturdy Orion AstroView equatorial (EQ) mount. The AstroView mount features vital slow-motion manual controls which let you center objects in the viewing field, then manually track their apparent motion as the Earth's rotation makes them appear to migrate across the sky. Or, add the optional single-or dual-axis EQ-3 electronic motor drive to power the scope electronically (see We Also Suggest accessories). The AstroView EQ mount comes with a precision internal polar-alignment scope for aligning the telescope to the North Star for proper and accurate tracking. The adjustable aluminum tripod provides ample stability and variable height for crowd-pleasing performance. The tripod leg braces are hinged at the center for quick setup and fold-up. A roomy accessory tray is also included to hold your idle telescope eyepieces, while also enhancing tripod stability.

The AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope has high-quality features that belie its affordable price, such as an aluminum 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser with two thumbscrews to lock the telescope eyepiece in place, and a thin four-vane, adjustable secondary mirror support. The 6x30 achromatic crosshair finder scope helps you locate your targets easily for closer inspection through the telescope. The finder boasts easy, spring-loaded X-Y adjustment and a quick-release dovetail bracket. Collimation thumbscrews make occasional alignment of the optics an easy, tool-free procedure. We even throw in a "collimation cap" for checking the telescope's mirror alignment.

Treat yourself, your friends, and your family to some wondrous evenings under the stars with the Orion AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope! Weighs 37.1 lbs. fully assembled.

Data sheet

WeightCompleto di accessori e montato 16.8 kg
ApertureApertura libera 6 pollici, 150 mm
Standard equipmentDue oculari, slitta, cercatore, software, DVD, treppiede, montatura, kit montaggio
Focal ratioF/5
Focal length750 mm
Limiting magnitude13.6
Resolving power0.77 secondi d'arco

Map lunar laminated with more than 260 sites of different types, including craters, valleys, ancient lava flows and mountain ranges. You can also identify all the landing sites of American and Soviet lunar missions. In addition to the map they are also provided a mirror image of the moon to facilitate observation with binEyepieces, to the naked eye or with any telescope.