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Technical Innovation Robofocus electronic focuser

Technical Innovation Robofocus electronic focuser

Tired Of Wasting Precious Minutes Of Your Time To Find The Correct Position Of Focus? Would You Like To Not Be Aware Just To Show Completed The Fire That Seemed Perfect In Reality It Was Not And Then You Have To Do It All Again? The Solution Is The Robofocus Of Technical Innovation!
Ascom Compatible.

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Technical Innovation Robofocus electronic focuser

Technical Innovation


New product

Tired Of Wasting Precious Minutes Of Your Time To Find The Correct Position Of Focus? Would You Like To Not Be Aware Just To Show Completed The Fire That Seemed Perfect In Reality It Was Not And Then You Have To Do It All Again? The Solution Is The Robofocus Of Technical Innovation!
Ascom Compatible.

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"The Robofocus is a driver for the electronic control of the fire that is installed on the focuser of your telescope. It allows you to make adjustments extremely precise focus by using a stepper motor controlled by a microprocessor and reading Digital position of focus. It can be used remotely, managing it via PC, either from the telescope using the buttons on Robofocus.

To use the Robofocus remote, simply send commands through the computer to change the focus position, the same download location information by reading the digital value on the screen and check the result taking an image in short exposure to verify that you have reached the correct focus. If you are near the equipment can change the focus position by acting directly the buttons on Robofocus and check the result nell'Eyepiecee.Con the Robofocus can perform precision adjustment of the fire in order to make the most of your optical resolution using both visual photo, find a position of focus already used and easily return to a position that you have judged optimal thanks to digital reading.

When you change the optical configuration, for example. with a Barlow or a filter wheel, you can immediately find the correct focus by entering the parameters previously stored related to the configuration and adding only those small adjustments due to the condition of seeing. With Robofocus users of CCD will find the procedure to focus particularly easy.

When ordering you must specify the model of the telescope and focuser on which you want to install the Robofocus.


  • micrometric movements with displacement less than 2.5 hundredths of a millimeter: the precision of focus with an error of less than 2.5 hundredths of a millimeter results in very sharp images in the eyepiece of your telescope and objects in sharp focus in all the photographs.
  • Automatic correction of the backlash: the backlash in focus is due to a game of the mechanical system and manifests itself in the difficulty of making fine adjustments: a small movement of the fire in a direction needs a GDP large movement of the fire in the opposite direction to restore the previous position. The Robofocus It can be programmed to compensate for the games system that cause these difficulties in focusing. The result, for example, will be significant for users of Schmidt Cassegrain, could virtually eliminate the backlash of the focuser.
  • Manage remotely via PC and the digital reading of fire thanks to the control software to be installed on your computer, you will have a wide variety of data and commands to be run directly from an interface box on the screen of the PC (eg . The ability to move a number of steps the focuser in one direction) .Of course the Robofocus remembers the location (and all other settings) even if power is turned off. The software works with Windows operating systems
  • Auto Focus: being ASCOM compatible is possible with almost all software (Astroart,Focus of CCDSoft, MaximDL CCD, FocusMax freeware) Robofocus use for a focus Fully automatic. The software taking up some images through the CCD, will be in a few seconds the perfect location of the fire, saving a lot of time and getting a stellar puntiformitą perfect.
  • Ability to use completely manual although Robofocus is designed for use with a PC , It can also be used manually thanks to two buttons on the controller. These buttons, in addition to moving the engine, allow access to most of the other functions of Robofocus.Per those who want a real handset is available an optional keypad (to access all commands and digital data is the user's computer )
  • Dual Engine: it's possible to buy a second engine with the hardware kit to install on a second telescope at an advantageous price. Thus, those who have two telescopes will have on both the Robofocus installed. With the second motor is not supplied cdrom and cables Percin is an option available only to those who already own a Robofocus.
  • Compensation temperatura.Molti telescopes, especially the SCT, suffer a focus-shift due to changes in temperature as much to jeopardize the proper focus. The Robofocus RF3 Pun automatically compensate this shift. It incorporates a sensor that measures the temperature the control software calculates the correct position of focus and sends the appropriate commands to the focuser.


  • Rack and Pinion: Can you use the Robofocus any type of rack and pinion focuser, Crayford or similar Purcha © has a tree of at least 1/4 of pollice.Il stepper motor moves the shaft of the Robofocus focuser by a special clutch fitted as standard. The motor is mounted on the telescope using a universal plate that the customer can easily adapt to your telescope.
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain: the Robofocus May be used on telescopes SCT. These telescopes have a knob to focus. The stepper motor for this type of application has about 0.1 ° per step which is sufficient to move a LX200 16 "" ¯ upright. The engine of Robofocus moves the knob focusing via a belt coupled to a toothed wheel. The motor is mounted on the telescope through support provided and all components can be uninstalled at any time.
  • Focusers JMI: the engine supplied with focusers JMI is already a precision motor but not being stepper does not allow control digital focus position. And 'possible to replace this engine in order to control the focuser remotely via the PC.
  • Photoobjectives wide field, other telescopes or other focusers .: is possible to adapt the Robofocus also this kind of focused. Contact us.

    Included in the kit: -Controller with buttons for manual control and integrated temperature sensor-Robofocus with stepper motor assembly-kit for the telescope / focuser specified-RS232 cable and adapter DB9- management software for Windows (on CD) -Instructions English only "

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