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Vixen SXW Sphinx GoTo equatorial mount

Vixen SXW Sphinx GoTo equatorial mount

Vixen SXW Sphinx GoTo equatorial mount featuring Starbook controller.

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Vixen SXW Sphinx GoTo equatorial mount



New product

Vixen SXW Sphinx GoTo equatorial mount featuring Starbook controller.

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SX Equatorial Mounts are equipped with celestial navigation system.
The built-in motor drive, the controller, "STAR BOOK," with the world's first large color LCD screen, are also attached. Beautiful coloring and design, high-precision go-to system & auto-guider are all produced by detailed processings employed in every step.

Features of SX Equatorial Mount

1. High-Speed / High-Precision Automatic Go-To System

By shortening the declination axis on the optical tube side and including counterweights in the built-in motor, the movement around the polar axis was dramatically improved. The energy-saving high speed rotations and accurate motor controls are also available.

2. Built-In Motor

An intelligent model is created by installing all the motors inside. The setup becomes very easy since it does not have many cords as a model without built-in motors would.

3. Reduced Weight

It employs an unprecedented inside layout with two motors in the lower part of the declination axis unit. Since motors themselves work as the weight, the optical tube can be balanced by adding a few light counterweights. There are a few types that do not need any counterweight added.

4. Adjustable Counterweight Bar

Stainless material that prevents a corrosion is used for the weight axis. In addition, the adjustable counterweight bar that is inserted inside the main body of equatorial mount has made installment and setting much easier.

5. Polar Axis Scope

No setting is necessary at installment, since you just need to screw it in the equatorial mount. The level part rotates, so you do not need to rotate the equatorial mount to adjust the polar axis as before. The polar axis is adjusted accurately with the newly implemented precession correction scale.

6. Large Tripod

A highly durable special tripod (SX-HAL130) that prevents twists around the installing part would enable a stable observation.
※Attached in the set. SXW Mount and SXC Mountsets do not include this.

The Controller with a Large Color LCD, "STAR BOOK"

The world's first controller with a large color LCD screen. The map that shows the positons of stars and their detailed information are stored.

1. Large Color LCD

4.7" color LCD, 320×240 dots.

2. Easy Control Buttons like a Home Game Player

The intuitive operation is possible just by following the instructions displayed on the LCD screen.

3. The Interactive Telescope Control

The magnification of the star map and the motor speed of the equatorial mount are interactive in the Telescope Mode.

4. Speakers Built-in

Sound alarms like "Automatic go-to system complete" are installed.

5. Version Upgrades are Possible

The program can be upgraded to the latest version with the built-in LAN connection terminal. The addition functions are available after downloading from the upgrade information page and installing.

6. Possible Use as a Single Unit

The STAR BOOK can be used as a standalone unit by using the built-in 12-V power input terminal. You can see the star map, constellation commentary, planet information, and other abundant data.

7. PC Compatibility

Compatible with the celestial navigation software sold in the market, Stellar Navigator Ver.8.0 and Stellar Gear.

8. Vertical / Horizontal Movement

The horizontal/vertical movement resembling that of an altazimuth mount is possible.

9. Autoguider Function

The automatic guiding is possible by connecting a separately-sold guide scope, CCD camera, and autoguide adapter. The autoaguide function processes the signal it receives from the CCD camera installed on the guide scope, and it automatically guides the telescope with a high precision for long hours. It is a powerful feature especially in the photography in which long exposures are used.

10. PEC Function

It is the function which corrects the mechanical error (PE / periodic error) that occurs during celestial tracking. It is a powerful feature in astrophotography and celestial tracking with a high precision.

11. Comet Go-To Function

Enter the comet's orbital data directly or download the orbital data from the upgrade information page to carry out the comet go-to system.

12. Available in 6 Languages

The versions in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish are available.


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