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Equatorial Mount G53F Complete Pulsar 2 View larger

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Equatorial Mount G53F Complete Pulsar 2

Equatorial Mount G53F Complete Pulsar 2

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Equatorial Mount G53F Complete Pulsar 2

Gemini Telescope Design


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This frame is the ideal solution for the small observatory, both for use by field which retains its ability to chase.

The new frames G53F, produced by Hungarian Gemini Telescope Design, guaranteeing motions very fluid and free from backlash on both axes. For the movement are used with friction discs (220 mm) and controlled by stepper motors to practically zero backlash. The friction disk technology allows, in addition at a speed of GoTo greater, to move freehand the frame, which will resume to chase alone without losing data alignment thanks to the precision encoder installed.

The stability of this product is of above normal thanks to the weight of the head of 21 kg. In this new version, also, the wedge is divided into 2 parts for easy transport.

The relationship between optical and balances is exceptionally good and allows you to balance the instrument with the required minimum weight.

In addition, in the construction are used only high quality materials, to better withstand any oxidation.

The G53F is l ' latest evolution of the frames Gemini (G40, G41, G42).

Major differences from the previous version (G42):

  1. friction plates 220 mm: the main features of the friction disc are smooth operation, no noise and extremely efficient (less consumption, longer battery life). The stepper motors spin the disks through small demoltipliche can completely undo problems of backlash. The result à © an extraordinary robustness and rapid responses to corrections imposed dall'autoguida. The velocità¡ GoTo à © twice as high compared to the ring gear.
  2. Clutch integrated dual function: knobs clutch there are more, turn the frame where you want and then pick up the engines trascinameto sidereal in A / R. The system also works as a safety brake when the tool touches the base, so protecting it from mechanical damage.
  3. Optical encoders (18 "" resolution) on both axes: absolute encoders maintain alignment G53F in any situation. There are also sensors for absolute position, thus enabling a "" žrecovery "" easy when used remotely.
  4. Head eseparabile in two for easy transport.
  5. weight of only 21 pounds .
  6. Journalism very low: a full rotation of the main roll takes 40 minutes. The periodicity (approximately 10 "" peak-to-peak) risultadistribuito in 'period of these 40 minutes, allowing a very effective guide.
  7. Slide tool interchangeable Losmandy: the sled Losmandy à © supplied, but the tool holder plate à © facilmenteintercambiabile removing the 6 bolts shown.

    Key Features (with Pulsar 2):

    • Velocità¡ sidereal, lunar, solar and three programmable velocità¡
    • Up to 7 ° / sec GoTo
    • Power 12VDC (1A)
    • Canocciale Polar 12x30 high-precision (option)
    • Compatibilità¡ LX200, ASCOM PemPro and
    • Catalogues M, NGC, IC, and Pk datebase more programmable reference stars
    • Overcoming Meridian intelligent (for use in robot mode and an efficient GoTo)
    • parkable also via external switch (eg. weather sensor)
    • Correction of atmospheric refraction in time real (for tracking and goto)
    • Pulse guiding or RJ11 connection directly to the CCD camera
    • Location and time downloaded from external GPS (cable optional)
    • Absolute position reference for recovery after system crash
    • Help polar alignment with three stars (Alignmaster Matthias Garzarolli)
    • Firmware Update free < / li>

      Frame full of electronics and hand control Pulsar 2. Counterweights excluded, see counterweights Geoptik. "

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