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Orion Dobson Skyquest XT8 plus telescope with poster kit

Orion Dobson Skyquest XT8 plus telescope (code OR-08974) with free Orion posters about solar system (code OR-21132).

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Pack description

Orion Dobson Skyquest XT8 plus telescope (code OR-08974) with free Orion posters about solar system (code OR-21132).

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Dobson Telescope SkyQuest XT8 Plus 203/1200 mm (F / 5.9) with LED red dot finder EZ Finder II and Crayford focuser with micrometer control 11: 1, 2" "ť. Suitable for the ' observation of the moon, planets and deep sky more luminous.

Features: resolving power of 0.57 seconds of arc, minimum magnification 29x recommended, recommended maximum magnification 300x, 406x magnification theoretical maximum, obstruction the secondary mirror 47 mm, weighing only 9.4 Kg optical tube, total weight 19 kg. Optical Tube steel and wood base.

Includes 2 "eyepiece" ť DeepView 28mm eyepiece 1.25 "" ť Sirius Plossl 10mm Barlow lens 2x 1.25 "" ť, adapter 2 "" ť 1.25 "" ť, sunscreen film 8 "" ť, cap collimation, handle, door eye, dust cap and astronomical software. "

This set of three beautiful posters is sure to please any astronomer, whether they're just beginning to explore starry skies, or are experienced stargazers. This value-packed poster kit includes the Orion Solar System Poster, Orion Observing the Moon Poster, and Orion Meteor Showers Poster.

With detailed images of the 8 official planets of our solar system and the Sun, the included Solar System Poster is packed with interesting facts about each planet. You'll appreciate the Observing the Moon Poster's helpful viewing tips, including 10 close-up images of popular lunar features and informative sections on the phases of the Moon, lunar surface topography, size comparisons, and more. The striking Meteor Showers Poster includes a useful calendar of yearly meteor showers, tips for observing showers, explanations of meteor-related terminology, and amazing facts.

These 30" x 20" posters will delight any astro-nut! (Meteor Shower Poster measures 20" x 30".) All three posters are folded into a convenient 7.5" x 10" size and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve. Great for classrooms and study corners, the Orion Solar System, Moon, and Meteors Poster Kit is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of space and the stars.