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Soccer Filter Line H 5 Angstrom T Scanner

Soccer Filter Line H 5 Angstrom T Scanner

"The Daystar Produces Two Types Of Filters To Football: Football H (3969 & # 506

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Soccer Filter Line H 5 Angstrom T Scanner

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"The Daystar Produces Two Types Of Filters To Football: Football H (3969 & # 506

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"In the chromosphere of the Sun and stars cold areas surrounding areas with strong magnetic fields (sunspots and star spots) show an issue at the center of the spectral bands of the Football II H and K. filters to show the Football NETWORK chromospheric (Chrospheric Network) emissions of ionized calcium that are formed when a cell supergranulation (Supergranulation Cell) moves through the magnetic fields where beef.
allow to study The following formations solar: PLAGE O chromospheric faculae, SUNSPOTS, GRANULATION, REGIONS ACTIVE etc.

Studies in Football K have been useful in determining the depth of the solar atmosphere. The kick has two lines of strong absorption at 393.3nm and 396.9nm, known as lines K and H. The researchers have until now preferred the use of filters to Football K for sweat academic, as the line H is located very close to that of Hydrogen Epsilon.
Since the lower limit of the visible spectrum is about 400nm, more one moves away from this wavelength, the harder it is for the observer to see the image. The line H is located closer to the spectrum of visible and then provides visual images much sharper contrast and brighter than the Football K, the sensors also have a similar sensitivity in the two lines so you do not lose detail in photographic applications .
Until now observing in H Calcio was only reserved for a professional observatory in the Canary Islands: Daystar hence the new technology has allowed us to obtain these filters affordable even for amateurs or small observatories.

filters to Football H can only be used on refractors and the focal length of use varies from f / 15 to f / 20 (possibly with appropriate diaframmatura). To prevent overheating of optics are not recommended viewing openings greater than 80 mm with an aperture of 80 mm these filters provide a resolution of less than a second of arc. "

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