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CFF Telescopes is an european manufacturer of apochromatic refractors and Cassegrain reflectors of the highest optical and mechanical quality.

The company was born by the collaboration of an hungarian optician, Pal Gyulai (ex GPU Otical), worldwide recognized as a very high skilled optician thanks to his optical design of refractor optics, coma correctors and other optical devices, and Catalin Fus, company founder and mechanical designer.

Pal designs, builds, mounts and tests all of the apochromatic objectives, all oil-spaced apochromatic triplets, a precise company choice. All of the apochromatic refractors don't leave Pal hand if they don't reach a very high degree of optical correction. The minimum standard is a Strehl ratio of 0.96 in the green line (532 nm), but tipically they are delivered with a Strehl ratio as high as 0.98.

Catalin is the mechanical designer and he manufactures, mounts and test all of the instruments. The reflectors are all made of composite materials such as carbon fiber used in the truss structure as well as the main mirro cell.

CFF Telescopes is one of the few manufacturers of Classical Cassegrain of the highest quality designed of high resolution works. Customers can choose bewteen Supremax substrate for their mirros or even quartz or Zerodur.

Refractor optics are all made with the highest quality material coming from the best manufacturers in the world such as Schott and Ohara.

Someone could wonders what CFF Telescopes means: name of the brand stands for 'Coma Free Field' Telescopes, which is what CFF delivers in their Apochromatic Refractor, Ritchey Chretien or Classical Cassegrain telescopes.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items